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Best homeworld to invade as House Harkonnen?


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I've just rediscovered the joy of playing Emperor: Battle For Dune, now that my PC's alright (well, almost...). And it feels good to play it especially when you've just been ditched by a girl whom you thought loved you...(ah, don't ask me for the details...)


Both the sky-based weapons of House Ordos and House Atreides, are, (in my opinion), the most difficult to deal w/. Either your units kill each other or they get scared s**tless off the damn map. On the contrary, I find the HK Death Hand missile easy to deal with, because it aims for your structures, not your units.

Ergo, the invasion of Giedi Prime is a piece of cake...as Atreides or Ordos...

I wish I would say the same for the other houses when I play as House HK, but it ain't. (It seems...)

So if anyone has advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated...

(And in case this has been posted already, feel free to redirect me to the forum/s w/c already mentioned this...)

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Personally, I would say that attacking the Ordos homeworld of Draconis IV would be easier than attacking the Atreides homeworld of Caladan.

On Caladan, there is nothing to stop enemy units from running up into your base, since there are no cliffs to block ground units from entering. On Draconis IV, not only do you start with more buildable space, you also can only be attacked from two directions from the high ground you'll be building on.

Out of all the three superweapons, the Hawk Strike can be fired the most frequently, since it 'recharges' the fastest. Whether you're seriously affected by it will depend on what kind of units you like to build. If you can, and like to mass Devastators, then you have little to worry about. Chaos Lightning on the other hand can be very dangerous for people that like to mass Devastators and/or group clusters of gun turrets.

So as I've said, I think attacking the Ordos homeworld is easier than attacking the Atreides homeworld. If you can build a palace of your own and scout out the enemy base, you should be able to keep dropping the Death Hand on the enemy palace, and hopefully stop them from using their superweapon on you for the rest of the mission.

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So, strategies have been formulated... The rest of the story will be behind the spoiler codes...

[hide]The Ordos have only one route for all their units on their way to invade your base. Hold that route and you can stem the attacks. In my case, I made a skirmish line of at least 24 Fremen Fedaykin (They can't fight an enemy they can't see, and those wierding modules of theirs are kick ass against their tanks and infantry unlucky enough to get close...) w/ ADP support a short time later... If you're fighting an insidious opponent...be more insidious... Then later, I focused on Dev dropping on certain areas and strategic airstrikes w/ Gunships, but I wasn't able to scout the enemy base's Palace, so I just used the Death Hand on defenses and stationary units for a while... But as soon as I found the palace, I launched the Death Hand there ASAP. I continued chipping away at their base and captured some structures (Con Yard and Factory), thanks to a staging area I made with another MCV I built... Attempted to capture the Great Hall, but the cursor automatically set on attack instead of capture, so I dropped Devastators between each of the pillars near the Great Hall and bombarded it to kingdom come.

Victory is sweet... 8)[/hide]

And if you fight against House Atreides, they have Fremen support...bad for your units... 

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i dont have fremen. is it even possible to have fremen while invading caladan? sounds a bit twisted to me. perhaps the holding isn't that difficult, but i just couldn't beat the 1st line of defenses:

Turret, sniper, fremen, mino, AA trooper

Whatever combo i made i got owned.


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I'd have to say the Ordos homeworld. I haven't done it on Harkonnen, but as Atreides I went straigtht for it and wiped them out easy. Just build your base to defend against the assaults, having units marching around the base entrance to stay away from the worst of the Chaos lightning, send a cloaked unit to find the grand hall, and the conyard and base, and amass Ornithopters/gunships. When they're on the ground the lightning doesn't affect them. Wait until you have at least 15, preferably 20/25 or more. Then send them all to attack the conyard and palace, then in the next attack take out the grand hall. Easy.

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