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The HIV test


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I can't imagine the look on his face after they gave him the new report. Though I think he was at least a bit relieved, but still, he had to go through that process, and I think he spent some money in all these years. I sure hope something like this doesn't happen to me...

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ah ha lol. Ya know what would be really fucked up? if they aids people came back and sed they want ther charity back. LOL that would be so wrong ah ha. god i would have been so pissed off atthat bs man. u tell me im gonna die then say ooh shit my bad. i wouldnt expect him to go back ther soon :D and this guy is the reason why doctor's have such high malpractice insurance rates.

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I feel so sorry for that guy....

Doctor: "Listen, 8 years ago, you were tested for HIV, and it came up positive"

Guy: "And... What of it?"

Doctor: "We were wrong... You dont have HIV"

Guy: "..."

*Total Silence*

Guy: " Ive been missin out on sex for the past 8 years, just cos of a FALSE POSITIVE?! ARRRGH!"

*Punches Doctor in face*

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