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O.K. took me several years but I repaired the broken links in the FAQs page and at the time renewed it to a much simpler site, especially since I didn't have the flash file's source anymore.

So it's at http://faq.dune2k.com/ as you can probably guess, as I assume you have been checking that address on a daily basis.

I could be wrong though.


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Shiroko Dune2000 FAQ is certainly the best in the duniverse, however i dare to submit some suggestions: - Stealth Raider

"Stealth raiders require an Ordos light factory and an Ordos barracks to be produced"

should read: light factory and hi-tech factory - Devastator

should mention: devastators auto-repair upto 50%

6.8 - Stealth units

A unit with a stealth ability will be in stealth as long as none of the following is true:

- The unit is near any infantry unit.

- The unit is near any defensive structure.

- The unit is in bad shape.

should mention:

- The unit is waiting a Caryall. (the unit will uncloak)

Harkonnen mission 4:

"There’s a really giant piece of rock near the lonely fremen turret.

And some piece of a giant skeleton. Why can’t they use these things in multiplayer maps?"

they do.

"Muadib" multiplayer map has:

* the giant piece of rock

* the pieces of a giant skeleton

* plus a dead worm

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