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That projector tactic is easy to beat either with Inkvines or massed infantry.

The key is not to use only projections but a real army as well. If you'll mass inkvines my missiles will defeat you, I can take one inkvine with one missile tank, I'll simply send them one after another. Who do you reckon will run out of forces and money first?

Mass infantry? I'll mass minotaurus or inkvines (Since I used playing Harkonnen I'd need an enemy minutaurus) again I can defeat you.

There are of course a lot of small details. Like having a few projectors. Each far from the others so taking all them is nearly impossible. Placing scouts to kill enemy scouts.

The only way I know to lose is projected Fedaykin which can move stealthly in the same amount of my guys and actually push through.

Tons of micromanagment on this system of course. As the most important thing is never to place to projections together but with space between them.


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How many inkvines will you need to create to do that? + how much micromanagment?

I can micromanage my rockets to take out the inkvines I believe, and your inkvines will cost more.

You can project inkvines, but that's not a solution but more of a straight out fight between identical tactics.


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