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Fed2k Battlegames!


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*Wonders if something can be blinded while it has no eyes*

Rai'guy floated at ceiling height, his non-corporeal form letting the light pass right through him. He visualised several effective attacks that he could bring into play at this point... but he decided to wait. He had all the time in the world.

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The pillar was ripped apart as the soul trampler released whirlwinds, which headed straight for the Drow in mist form, and the Jomsviking. The blob of mist was sucked into the whirlwind, and pieces of sharp debries are striking hard into the Jomsviking, victory is ensured.

But unexpected things just happen in unexpected times. Some pieces of stray debries headed for the soul trampler and ripped his wizard hat apart.


That was the part where the "core" of the soul trampler was contained. A blood-chilling scream filled and echoed through the dungeon under Battlegames, as the soul trampler turned into a pile of old and useless equipments.

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'I appear to be drifting.' Rai'guy thought to himself, while his gaseous form was tossed and tumbled in the whirlwind. 'Mental note: Don't become a gas too often in future. Hmm, now I guess I just have to stay in this form until those winds disappear...' Upon the death of the Soul Trampler, the winds disappeared. Rai'guy waited a moment before resuming a more solid shape. He peered down at the battered and bleeding Jomsviking, and sighed. Or at least he would have done, but bats don't really have the jaws for it. He waited, in the shadows.

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