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Lord J

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  Well guys, I'm thinking about making Kanly III.

  This will, of course, be the third in the Kanly universe following Kanly and Kanly: Revisited.

  The original Kanly was a bit of a new creature, allowing members to attack each other in a formalized fighting game, featuring strict rules and moderation, but allowing for the Fan Fiction writing styles to come through with each attacking or defending post.

  Kanly: Revisited allowed the same basic gameplay but added new dimensions with the Overwhelming Attack and Counter-Attack posts.  This made matches a little more even and gave players a few new choices.

  Kanly III will utilize the same Attack, Defend, Overwhelming Attack and Counter Attack posts of Kanly and Kanly: Revisited, but I also want to add something new to the mix.  Suddenly, it hit me: Fatality.

  Fatality: A player may, once per game, make a fatality post that instantly kills his opponent.  However, a percentile dice will be used so that Fatality can only be effective 10% first round, 20% second round, 30% third, 40% fourth and 50% fifth.  This adds a new dimension of the possibility that a character who has been beaten for four rounds can use Fatality to instantly kill his opponent and still win the match.  When Fatality fails, it becomes a normal Attack or Defense post.  An attacking or defending player may use Fatality once per game.

  So, what does everyone think of this?  I'd like to implement Kanly III as soon as possible, but I'll need at least four people interested in playing.  Does anyone have suggestions or questions on Kanly III (or any of the other Kanlys, for that matter)?



  Kanly: Revisited

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Be sure to look through the other Kanlys to understand the old rules, and be sure to read through (and comment) in Kanly Discussion. Other than the addition of Fatality, the rules are the same as in Kanly: Revisited. Oh yeah, and no FFA.

I don't actually know what FFA is... In any case, thought this quote was probably needed in order to justify my bumping of this thread. Yes, I am aware that there is a comments thread, I say it enough myself. But I get the feeling that this thread will be used for more than just comments. At least, I hope it will. Otherwise I'll look a bit silly.

I'll hang around here, still taking part whenever.

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I do. :)

Meanwhile in another arena, the cymek Dante faces his opponent Khan. He stands on four huge metallic legs, towering above any human that might be foolish enough to stand next to him. Armed with a great array of weaponry and possessing quick reflexes, he is a dangerous foe indeed.

Right now, however, he is waiting for Khan to make the first move (hey, I don't even know what I'm fighting).

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