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Emperor: A Tribute


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Well, Ixian mace, Mrdozy and myself have began work on a mod about a month ago to revolutionise the game as much as we can. The mod will change nothing so that the game is unplayable online (except co-op campaign.) The Mod will add a variety of new missions each for a different house with different objectives, only playable offline, plus completely new game-modes playable online with other people who have the mod. These are modes such as Yak Massacre, Fortress Assault, Capture the Fac and more besides. Furthermore the mod will rework almost all of the graphics to bring it up to the standard of newer games such as Generals, with every model and even terrain being enhanced.

Attached is one Screen-shot of the earlier APC model(all subject to change and further enhancement.) Textures and icons will also be enhanced at a later date.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Tower defence maps work like this:

* All players are allies.

* The players must build towers to kill the computer controlled(or could be human controlled if computer control is not supported)

* The enemy do just run through the map, without shooting at the defending towers.

* The defenders lose lives if a "rushing" monster gets through the map alive.

* The concept is level based where a new wave of enemies arrive once the previous is killed or let through.

If the enemy is human controlled, I would advice to give him units that can shoot, and thus making the game even more exciting...

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I was not aware that the turret was any different, unless the barrel is a bit longer than usual?

As to the looks of things, I dont think anything can look worse than a purple dustscout, unless it is a greeny-brown TL repair tank!

We live and learn ( i.e. there are no purple or greeny-brown units in Conflict of the Landsraad!)

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