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Lets make this forum alive again!

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Okay, i am quite busy creating a website that should revamp this entire place. What i got so far:

- a dummy website, you can follow my progress (http://arrakis.dune2k.com/dummy.html)

- 3 projects (Arrakis, Dunedit, Dune II - The Maker) to cover

- files for Dunedit, Dune 2, Arrakis, Dune II - The Maker

So what do we need more? What is more needed to get this world/forum alive again? As some of you might remember, i like INPUT, LOTS of INPUT from visitors; etc. Ie. Should an Arrakis2K project return? if so, how? Use CVS for programming? Lets create our own worlds! Nothing is impossible, as long as you want it...

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well, the game needs a story line? Why don't you come up with one? :) Remember i code on this one for fun, and when i don't feel like coding, i just don't code. It can take months to complete this game, perhaps a few years. Its about the fun though to complete this game and about the amount of work.

Ie, did you notice my 2 'new upgrades' in The Maker? Like 'fremen intelligence' and 'sand worm detection on maps'. Both very SIMPLE yet Dune2ish upgrades.

I also have grabbed the DUne2k tilesets, the engine is flexible enough to use them , i wonder how much of the gfx of DUne2k can be used with my engine here.

Ow btw, perhaps releasing the source will speed up things? I dunno how many coders are here?

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I wasn't saying I really needed to compile it. But maybe if you needed something I could give some input.

Although, I have been considering learning C++. Although many people say it is a complex and sometimes ugly language, I want to try it out for myself.

So perhaps I will get my hands on the necassary stuff someday, and drop by :)

Coming holidays...?

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well Timenn you can drop by, i live near Amsterdam. We should chat on irc about this though (or drop me an e-mail).

Anyway, the source is not hard to learn and i don't use C++ to its 'full potential' because its getting weird for me too then ;) I am learning each day though.

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Seriously, I actually meant "drop in", not necassarily to literally drop by your house.

And besides, from my point of view, you don't live that close to Amsterdam ;)

I see if I can get my hands on something in which I can compile C++. And try to mess around with Allegro too. But that have to wait for a weeks first.

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