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cant install


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wenn i try to install Emp it goes normal to 70% but then he keeps saying that he cant read a file after he says that i get the option to resuem, so i did and i got a lot of those messages but i resumed and reached 100%, so i figured it would work now, but it just stayed at 100% it midnt change to another page. I have tried to install it 2 times now and i keep getting this problem.. :-

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Wow, thanks for the quick response.

I already tried installing from the harddrive.

But when I copy it to my harddrive the broken file I00_f04e.bik doesn't get copied because it is unreadable.

Is there some way to skip this file, or can anyone mail it to me ? schen900@planet.nl

Grtz from Holland

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from what driver are you trying to install ? If you are installing from a DVD, or cdrw,

then try installing from a "normal" cdrom.

If you're able, have you tried installing on another pc ?

I tried installing from a DVD drive, a regular CD burner, an old CD drive, and I tried imaging them and then scanning for broken sectors, none worked though.

I keep on ending up at the 78% install with the  I00_f04e.bik file missing.

The cd is not scratched but there is some sort of blur on it, looks like a stain though I couldn't clean it.  :-

Tomorrow I will try to install on a mates pc.

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Let me know how that worked out.

Same error, this is very frustrating  :-X .

Here are my Specs btw:

Windows XP + SP 1

Up to date drivers and direct X

AMD Athlon XP 2000

512 mb Ram

Radeon 9700 Pro

One dvd reader, one cd burner designated as E: and F:

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It may be wise to try and swap the copy at the store where you bought it.

I did this morning, right now I am hooked.  ::)

Thx for the help, if anyone else has similar problems I would suggest swapping cd's ASAP.

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