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With so many big Dune-related programs on in the next few days, I thought I'd do a special Programming notice.


Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Brian Cox this epic film is about the Trojan War and the direct ancestors of our favourite fictional anti-heros, The Atreides.  Brian Cox is Agamemnon and Brendan Gleeson is Menelaus.  Playing in a theater near you..

Mists of Avalon

Sunday, May 23 1:00 am EST on CTV.

Based on the book of the same name, this miniseries follows thw woman of the Arthurian legend and the effects they had on Arthur's Kingdom.  Arthur Pendragon is played by Duncan Idaho himself, Edward Atterton, in his first major role.

Angel Marathon

Monday, May 24 12:00 pm EST on Space.

Celebrating the end of this series Space is airing a ten hour viewers choice marathon.  Throughout the series' run Joss Whedon, an avowed Dune fan, frequently cast Dune alumni in guest starring roles including Alec Newman as Drogyn the Truthsayer (heh).  Only the series pilot and finale are known to be airing for sure, the other episodes will not be revealed until the marathon itself.  Newman does make a brief appearance as Drogyn in the finale.

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Meant to update this yesterday, btu the forum was down.  To bussy to update it today or tommorow.  If someone else is willing, be my guest. Otherwise, it probably won't be done until monday night or tuesday afternoon.

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Why should you learn about Greek History? I imagine you'd hear about it in a literary course.

Or, in this case, commercials, movies, TV shows, comics, books, radio, everyday conversation, condom brands, cliches....

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Thorup, are you a hermit?

The Odyssey and the Iliad are the first examples of western literature. They are the probably the most famous stories in the western world, and they revolve around the semimythical Trojan War, begun by Paris as he seized Helen of Sparta from Menelaus and took her back to Troy with him.

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