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Andrew came to me with this idea, and we've decided that, rather than have a bunch of stickied threads, we could simply have a list of important threads, which can be referred to as needed without them necessarily being stickied.  I'll start out with a preliminary list of the most important topics.

I ask that people not post in these threads unless their post is significant to the topic, so as to prevent them from forever hanging around page one.

A list of all Dune book and related work - Egeides

Dune Artwork - Vanguard3000

Dune: The Machine Crusade Reviews - Mahdi

Interview and Chat Archive - Mahdi

Dune Websites - Andrew

CoD Review Archive - Mahdi

Dune related "in-jokes" - Vanguard3000

This thread will be left open for members to nominate threads to be added to the list.

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Ok with me. One thing though: visibility for those who don't know the forums already is important so mention in the title of the thread that it is important things about the Duniverse. Threads that are named "About this forum" are the last kind of thread you really want to read, just like 10 pages Readme files...

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I added Interview and Chat archive, while taking out the Byron Meritt Interview (found via interview and chat archive)

Also added Dune webpages. If anyone knows of good Dune webpages, feel free to post. (but check list first)

Maybe under each of the links we could give a brief description of the thread so that people know a bit about what it is about? Maybe even a Recent Threads section (for interviews and other major threads).

EDIT - Also added CoD Review Archive.

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