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Espionage, the spinoff


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The everlasting blizzard continued.  They covered the tracks of the 5 trucks as they made their way through the snow covered forest.  They pulled up in a clearing, the 4 filled with soldiers emptying (numbers were about 80) and from the fifth a trenchcoat, hat wearing man of about 6ft 5.  He spoke in a Russian accent;

"Comrades, a great day for Russia is upon us.  True, it has took many years, but we are nearly there.  I can taste victory all ready, it is sweet.  It is like a great game of chess, and we just took their queen and ready to checkmate.  But to whom do we owe our gratitude?  A very close friend of mine, for in this truck, we have something so powerful, that shall have the world quaking in their boots at the mere breath of Mother Russia.  Yes, it is a great day for Russia, a great for you, comrades, a great day for me, a great day for our friends, the EPA, and a great day for Comrade Pelican."

Silence.  Then a cheer went up;

"Comrade Pelican, hurrah for comrade pelican."  The night was good.


Location: EPAHQ

"Excellent news comrade Kingfisher.  Today we will rejoice."  Pause, "Yes I will.  Of course comrade.  Yes delivery as usual.  There shall be a grand party.  Goodbye comrade, I look forward to seeing you.  It is a great day for us all."

The Pelican paused and put the phone down.  He was standing in the 'Nuke Room' but on the desk were two boxes, not one.  The phone rang

"Excellent, send him to my office.  Has he been harmed? Good."

Pelican walked down the long corridor and into his office.  In the chair sat a figure with thinning grey hair.  He sported bruises and cuts on his head.

"Ahh, Mr Leibniz, I wondered when you would get here."  The Pelican produced a pistol. "Now, if you would follow me"

"You kill me Pelican, and the NID will be on your ass quicker then you can spank a monkey."

"We wouldn't want that now would we."  Cocky, as usual.  "But how on earth would you find me?"

"With this."  He produced a bugged pen.

"Oh THAT!!!"  Pelican started laughing. "Well, I hope they like the rain."

Leibniz looked startled



Location: Somewhere in the Congo.

The Special Forces unit converged on a hut in the middle of the jungle.  It was warm and monsoon season was in full flight.  Suddenly, they burst in to find an empty room.  A click behind them signalled the door closing magnetically.  They were trapped.

"Shit, C4.  Sorry sir, we failed you"

The hut exploded and it could be heard for miles around.

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*clickity clickity clickity...* Jared's fingers typed on his keyboards and keypads, every so often moving aside to rewire a giagantic open board. He reached up and patched in a signal.

"I know, Alexei, I know." He muttered, "Yes, of course I knew about it before you did. I knew about it before the people who died knew it." His free hand continued typing frantically as black and green figures raced across the screens, reflecting off Jared's glasses. He shut off the transmssion and opened another directly through a hacked government channel.

"Vivian? Get the redhead and head for Russia..."

* * *

A mere few hours later, two figures could be seen slipped silently and stealthily between the trees. Well they could be seen as such, but they were there. The blizzard had lessened slightly, and the wind was for the most part blocked by the trees, but it was still frigid. The figures were following the rapidly-disappearing tracks of what appeared to be a convoy of vehicles. There had been signs of a scuffle a few miles back but the trucks had been driven on. They had to be trucks, nothing else was that heavy in a convoy. Especially not in this weather. The weather was most likely the only reason there had been no air support for the original drivers. But why drive in this weather anyway?

That had been what alerted Jared to this particular route. An unmarked convoy travelling with top secrecy but little security. Related somehow to the Russian military but the connections were obscure and difficult to trace. Even for him.

"The tracks are getting deeper. They must have stopped, most likely to weather out the storm." One of the figures muttered into her headset, hidden beneath her hood.

"So it's two of us versus several trucks full of armed military. Brilliant." The second, shorter figure muttered back. This one dragged it's feet more than the other.

"That's why you're here." The taller of the two replied.

"Pah." The shorter replied. And that was all the electronic conversation contained, until light began to glow in the distance.

"Jared, we've spotted them." The taller figure removed her hood for a better signal, revealing herself as an attractive blonde with ice-blue eyes. "Headlights up ahead, they've stopped."

"The wind's picking up some form of shouting... maybe." The shorter figure added, keeping their hood on. Improved senses and not being found was this one's fort

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Elisa Frey quickly pulled the body of the lieutenant back between the gap in the trucks, and in a few moments re-emerged, wearing his uniform. She pulled the hat low over her eyes and trudged out, impersonating a man as best she could. She was very good at it, despite her slight frame. She had had to pad out the clothes quite a bit.

Behind her she dragged a sack, in which bumped the body of the unfortunate man she had killed with a poisoned needle to the face. The storm had been so loud, nobody had heard his gasp.

She watched the soldiers climb into the trucks as she walked to the edge of the clearing and dumped the sack in a snowdrift. Walking back, she signalled that it was trash, broken equipment, to those that were giving her odd looks.

Elisa opened the door to the lead truck, and got into the cab. The man on the seat next to her had time for a similar gasp before her slumped down. Elisa smiled, keeping in mind the frog she had obtained the venom from earlier. She took a moment to compose herself and consider her voice. It had to be deeper... and the russian of course... Sufficiantly prepared, she opened the door again suddenly, stumbling out into the snow with a shout.

"He's dead!" She shouted in a convincing imitation of a russian male, in russian of course. At once those men that had heard her leapt from the bac of the trucks and around to the front of the truck.

"Stay here and examine the body, search for tracks!" Elisa shouted to them, before heading back along the line of vehicles. She didn't trust her hastily-donned disguise.

Reaching the fourth truck, she knocked and opened the cab door, to reveal a smoking General Ulyanov. He sighed, but Elisa was acting still and paid no heed to military protocol.

"Casualty sir! We've got a spy around!" She reported. "Body in the front truck!"

* * *

A mere few minutes later the clearing was surrounded by guards again. The body of the driver had been examined right out there in the snow, but nothing had been found. The General had ordered increased guard around the fourth truck, and Elisa found it all too easy to get in.

"General's orders." She explained, keeping her head low, "I've got to move the device into another truck." Getting inside the back, she glanced around to locate the large crate. Opening it quietly, she removed several other containers hurridly to retrieve a smll metal case, with a handle. Grasping it to her, she made her way forward to the cab. The General and his driver were both gone. Good, that saved her the bother of killing them. Which would not have been that easy.

The guards outside were shocked when the already-started engine roared into action. The wheels skidded wildly, flinging up snow and shards of ice at them, blinding them as the truck screeched to the right and began to careen around to the road.

Not all the soldiers were blinded by the snow though. Very few of them in fact. There were shouts, shots, wild cries. Ten or so ran up to the speeding vehicle and grabbed on, making their way to the driver's seat.

They found a piece of string attacked to the wheel, just before the truck ran into a tree.

Elisa stood up and brushed herself off. Having jumped out of the truck just after she stuck the pedal to the floor, she had been well out of eyesight. Everyone had been watching the truck, not her as she leaped clear on the opposite side to the light. Taking advantage of the distraction of the troops, she hurried out into the trees where Vivian was waiting.

A few minutes later, the bagged body of her unfortunate first victim was located. And soon after that, the fourth truck found empty.

The tracks were followed, but this venture soon proved impossible, as the storm still raged on, and the snow hid all traces of them.

* * *

Two days after the meeting in the living room, Justin Redlak recieves a telegram from an undisclosed individual:

[hide] Goods recieved stop what next stop P retains one stop [/hide]

* * *

Jared sighed deeply. His siblings had never involved themselves directly before. Not as a group anyway. He wondered at his sister's plans. And worried.

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The news reached the Pelican.  As a mini-tropical storm raged outside, he seemed rather calm and collected.  He was sitting smoking at his desk, reading some documents.  Damien Rice - Moody Monday played in the background a relaxing song, as if he had alot on his mind.  Infront of him was a metal container, it looked exactly like the one that held a Nuclear Weapon.  It was wide open, and inside was empty.

In the "nuke room" Dr Leibniz worked furiously typing figures into a computer, reading back results, tinkering with tools and generally being a busy body.  Interestingly enough, he worked without anybody in the room.  He got on with it in what seemed as his own free will, and numerous times he left the room only to return a few mintues later.

Back with Pelican, he was continuing to read his document.  It contained photographs (black and white) and a few typed documents.  Leibniz entered the room;

"That's me down for the day."  He said

"Ever been in love Doctor?"


"Love, ever been intangled in the stupid and flawed emotion of love?"

"I have a wife and 2 sons, so I would have to say yes." He hesitated for a minute.  "What about you?"

Pelican gestured for him to have a seat, which he did, and signaled for his butler to bring water

"Yes.  Was 17 years ago.  Her name was Francis, lovely girl.  Long brown hair, large blue eyes completly irresistable.  Well anyway, at that time I was involved in something I guess I shouldn't have been.  We were definately in love, spending long walks down by the Clyde.  Was brilliant and I thought everything was going great.  Anyway, I worked for someone called the FTT.  The Freedom Terrorist Team.  They were wanting independence for Scotland, and I completly agreed with them.  I was in the know about everything and was working just under Toby Lymanl.  Yes the infamous Pokerface.  We were best of friends, as I couldn't share everything with Justin we relied on each other to keep going knowing that one great day Scotland would be free.  And we nearly done it.  However, Justin married and this girl who he married was CIA/NID/FBI whatever.  It didn't matter to me but Justin then became a threat.  And so did Francis.  They got her, the CIA got Francis.  And you know what they did, they treated her like dirt.  Here in my hand I have a document that details exactly what happened.  Listen

'Prisoner refused to co-operate, claiming that she knew who Alexandres Francisco McLeod was but claimed that he was a student at Glasgow University.  We decided to go ahead with the original plan and put her under anaesthetic to plant a Class 4 monitoring device.  We intend to track her to where the aforementioned person resides and arrest him."

So I had to disappear.  The FFT was over, me and Pokerface had to disappear and so there was no force behind it.  So in a moment of glory I got it.  I got wind of an attack happening on a flight to Russia.  So we were on it.  I took Francis with me to make sure that it was authentic and so it happened.  The plane went down and we were all killed except Francis.  She never got on that plane, I left her standing at the airport, I just disappeared and left her with enough money to get home and get a good head start in life.

But I can probably guess that you are wondering how I got out.  True, the plane did explode in mid air.  But before that, we jumped.  Me and Pokerface jumped with Parachutes that the hijackers had got for us.  That was part of the deal and I vowed then and there to help to bring back the great realm of Mother Russia for them, and it is something I intend to do."

Pelican stopped and wiped a tear from his eye.  He opened another document and threw over a photograph to Leibniz.

"What's this....." His voice trailed off as he studied it.

"Francis.  Every week she visits my grave.  Do you know what it is like to have a girl that loves you so much visits your grave 17 years after his "death"?  Do you know what it feels like to love someone so much but you cannot speak to her, or see her because of what I did to her?  That is real torture Leibniz, something that you can never comprehend."

Again he paused

"I have an offer for you.  I appreciate how well you have worked and how civil you have been, see I am not that bad at all am I?  How would you like to see your family again?"

"I would like that very much"

"Then it is done.  Tomorrow you will pick up that phone there and speak to your Wife and Children for as long as you like.  I will then make them an offer to come and stay with you in that house over there."  He pointed to a large building within his grounds. "Would you like that."

"Yes, I would.  I don't know what to say except.... Thank you."

"Then it is done.  Ah, it is late.  I have some phonecalls to make and you may do as you please.  Good night Doctor.

Leibniz turned and left.

Pelican turned to his phone.  Picking it up he spoke.

"What happened? Speak to me."

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Welcome to page two!

With the device safely hidden away, Vivian Frey left Russia the next morning. Elisa was left behind; partly to guard it and partly to keep an eye on the developments in Russia itself. There were a few other contracts to perform in the area anyway. Some drugs deals, an arms deal, and three assassinations. Elisa would take care of them on her own.

* * *

"There's a small caf

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There was a knock at the door.

"Sir, I have a message for you."

She was waived away.

"I know you are busy sir, but it is from someone called Dragoon??"

Pelican's ears immediatly picked up.

"Go on."

"He said something about toys and how he had one of them, and how he was going to dismantly another."

"Damn!  That will be all."

He then picked up the phone and dialled a number.  He waited for it to be picked up;


"It's me, the line is secure."

"What's happening?"

"We are proceeding as plan, we have lost another one."



"Bastard, why can't he just keep his nose out of our business?"

"I don't really know, but something must be done about him, I am going to disappear.  You still will hear from me, but I will leave you in charge until it is safe for me to come back.  On my desk will be a document with the passcodes.  You know the decryption so there should be no problem.  Someone ballsed up here, someone ballsed up bad.  I knew we couldn't trust those fucking commies.  Is Ulyanov dead?"

"Yes, he was found this morning.  In true Russian style he was found hung to a tree."

"Good, means I won't have to dispose of him.  Anyway, we start as planned.  I take it we have enough?"


"Excellent, you know where to assemble them, we start soon."


"What is it?"

"We're gonna do it aren't we?"

"We are my friend we are.  Soon, I hope I can be back with Francis."

"Good luck."

"I don't need luck Toby, you know me.  I'll be in contact."

With that he rang off.  He walked out of his office and out the front doors.  His face showed signs of nervousness as he stepped into the waiting car.  When in the car he dialled his mobile.

"Start phase one."

The car drove to the airport and Pelican stepped on to his private jet.  When seated, he had infront a large glass of Irn Bru and some more documents.  It was a few hours when his plane was intercepted by American F-15's and he was escorted into JFK.  As he sat reading his files, 15 M-4 clad CIA officers entered the plane and surrounded him.  Then 3 suit clad CIA officers read him his rights and asked him to follow them.

"Can I finish my drink?" He asked

"We have been waiting 20 years to get someone like you.  Another 10 minutes wont matter."

"Have a seat.  Drink?"

"Just finish your drink."

After he finished it, he was handcuffed and drove away from JFK International Airport.  The legacy of the Pelican was over... for now.

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-- ArcSoft Secure Server 2007 --

-- Loading... --

-- Complete --

-- Logging in... User: Dragoon --

-- Complete --

[Dragoon has joined the conference]

[Zidane has joined the conference]

[Garnet has joined the conference]

[Leonheart has joined the conference]

[Midgar has joined the conference]

[Aeris has joined the conference]

[Dragoon]: Good, we're all here.

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"I've been really dim..." Jared muttered to himself as he picked up a few new figures. "Two faces there may be but there's only one location. Dammit! Alexei?" He opened a channel, "Yeah, update. You're on the wrong track. Do not make contact with the woman. I don't care where you are, do not... I see" Jared's expression hardened. "Well just feel bloody lucky that she was the wrong girl."

* * *

"Excuse me?" The woman looked up so see a petite, twenty-something blonde looking at her through a pair of thick glasses.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" She asked, getting up from the grave where she had been kneeling to clear away moss.

"I was just wondering," The bespectacled woman began, lurching forward with an overflowing folder under one arm, "I was just wondering if you could help me, you see-"

"Ouch!" The brown haired woman shouted, clutching at her wrist.

"Oh, oh, oh, what's the matter?" The smaller blonde asked worridly, hurrying forward.

"Something... something stung me." The brown haired woman gasped, taking her hand away from her wrist to reveal a tiny needle with feathers sticking out of it. Her eyes went wide. "I... you..." And then she collapsed.

Working quickly, Julia removed her fake glasses and dumped the folder on the ground. Removing the dart and checking that the woman was still breathing, she proceeded to rummage through her pockets. She had no fear of being spotted. She had scouted out the area and knocked out anyone nearby. She reached into her own pocket and dialed her phone.

"Jared. Yes, it's Julia. I've got the woman, according to her ID her name is Francis, she's a perfect match. Yeah, the only perfect match."

A minute later, nobody saw her drive away.

* * *

"We've got her." Jared muttered into his headset. "Has she arrived? Yes, at Redlak. Good. Now I want to be absolutely certain here to avoid any cock-ups. Francis is at Redlak, yes? I don't care what she's wanting to know. Feed her any story you want. Just keep her there." A pause. "Yes, I did get your message about the help. Frankly I'm not sure if it's such a hot idea but I'll give it a shot. But I have to work alone in this room though. A hotline between us can be set up and working together is fine but my location has to be kept secret." He smiled, "Not even Vivian knows it. Speaking of which, she was rather upset to find that the Pelican was turned in. She can't contact him now. I've sent her looking for his HQ though. If you have any help on that it would be appreciated."

* * *

Direct message destination: Redlak manner, source: encrypted.

Appreciate the offer but after the incident in the Sahara getting a nuke out of [location] is too difficult to be profitable at the moment. It'll stay here with me. Safe enough.


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[Load program; "Tap_CIA_1"]

please wait..........

Program loaded

Welcome to the secure CIA Audio File library.  Please select audio file to view.








[load pelican1.adv]

WARNING: Audio connection only.


???: You do realise that we will get exactly what we need out of you.

Pelican: You will not get anything out of me

???(2): Then who will?

Pelican: Someone who you betrayed.

???: Ah yes, her.  She was a fun one.  I was there when she was interrogated, infact, if I remember correctly I interrogated her.

Pelican: Bastard

???: [laughs] Ah yes, you loved her didn't you.

???(2): Now don't get too carried away.

???: Indeed.  Well Mr Pelican, who came up with that.  It frankly sucks, Pelican??? Jesus, the mere mention of my mother-in-law spreads more fear through me then your name.  You are nothing more than a pussy.

[sounds of a chair rattling]

???: It's futile Mr Pelican.

Pelican:  This interview is over, I want to talk to her.

???(2): And what makes you think we can find her?

Pelican: I know you guys, you already have her.

???: Undo the straps.  C'mon, lets leave him to peace.

[End file]



log deleted



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The cameras turned silently in the trees, watching as a solitary figure in camouflage made their way towards Redlak manor. Of course camouflage did very little to stay the probing power of the infra-red sensors. Or the many other nefarious devices planted throughout the grounds.

"I'll inform the boss." Some minor person or other said as he watched the screen, picking up a telephone.

"He's with the guest." Another told him, putting her hand on the phone.

"Don't worry guys." Julia smiled as she leaned down between to two of them to see the screen. "I'll take care of him."

* * *

About an hour later

* * *

The small, clean room was brightly lit by severe white lights, making even looking at the walls too much quite painful. The prisoner squinted in the glare, making out the woman who had brought him in.

"What, I do not get to meet Justin himself?" He asked haughtily as soon as he was sure his voice would not betray him. "I was told that he would be most eager to interrogate me."

"Interrogation is not really his fort

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"Double damn the damnable CIA. Why do they have to everything in code?" Jared complained as his breaker program hissed in frustration. At this rate he would have to leave it running for a day to get the codes open and he wasn't sure he could afford to do that.

"Bloody hell... Midgar!" He shouted into his headset.

<You bellowed?> a green message appeared on an adjoining screen.

"I need free RAM to run a program and collect the data from it. It's only temporary."

<So why don't you do it?>

"Because most of my system is currently working! All the stuff which is usually free is working on this damnable CIA stuff!"

<We broke their codes before>

"So did we, they've updated. Probably with the help of Bill-'I hate everyone who's trying to get into the CIA'-Gates." Jared growled. "All I need you to do is find me a lot of free space and patch me into it. It'll get the program done in a few minutes and then we can leave while they're still scratching their heads."

<Way ahead of you. Here's the path, go> Midgar sent. Jared clicked a few keys and opened up someone else's free space.

"Hey, who's is this?" He asked, watching a few random files float past.


"Crud..." Jared immediately sent his distractor programs running. These acted like mini-hackers, causing minor damage but nothing serious until they were destroyed. While the CIA dealt with them, Jared's program continued it's work much faster now...

"Got it! I'm in." Jared grinned. He jettisoned his distractors and pulled out of the free space, remaining on the edge of the system, out of reach and out of sight. He sent in the new codes.

* * *

A few complicated hours later, everything was his to enjoy. Jared floated among the top security and highly confidential files and programs. He casually dodged an automatic program designed to catch him and shut it down. Someone would notice eventually but who kept an eye on something that was supposed to be automatic?

Running several automatic scans himself, Jared narrowed his focus.

He spiralled deeper, until he came across a recent file. And a program. And a network. A cursory examination revealed it to be a communications network, a more detailed examination of the records proved interesting listening indeed.

<Jared, I'm sensing you've got someone on your tail> Midgar's screen flashed.

"Not right now, I've got something big..." Jared muttered. He listened to the Pelican's most recent conversations. "Well well... He does want a word with Francis."


With a glance to the side, Jared flicked Midgar's screen off and released another spray of distractors. These would be noticed and eliminated in no time. He had to move fast. Downloading all of the files and saving the passage to their location he set up his headset and read from one of the files the Pelican's present location...

* * *

Alex looked up with a bored expresion as the communications network hissed and crackled briefly. Then a new voice, sounding distant and slightly fuzzy intruded.

"Not sure if Justin's going to like your -bbzzzzwheewheewhee- newfound friends." It said. "Hello Pelican!" It became more clear, "I hope you're having a good time in there. Rest assured that Francis is fine. We've got her hidden away. Incidentally, we've also still got one of your nukes. Justin is interested in making a deal i-bbbzzzzzcrkcrkhg.....-" The hissing stopped.

* * *

Pulling out of the system as fast as he could, Jared sighed. He had been going to make up something really good there. He flicked Midgar's screen back on. The most recent message read;

<important message? DEAL?>

"I was lying, Midgar." He spoke into the headset. He cut off the trackers around him and pulled out of the system completely, remaining on the edge again. Leaving only his distractors behind him.

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I know I said I'd joing long ago, but the last few days I've only been online for very short periods, and I figured I had better wait till I had time to type something that wasn't utterly stupid. Sorry though, I swear I'll be present more often.

Leonid Kruschov opened the door of his hotel room and walked in. He laid his suitcase on the table and walked to the window, wich provided an excellent view of the not so excellent harbour of New York.

In his eyes New York was a filthy, decadent city and he hoped he wouldn't have to come here again. Of course he was here for business, not pleasure.

His superior ordered him to come here. He calls him Alex, but that's not his real name and Leonid is one of the few who know that. In their organisation, people know very little about eachother at all, or about the organisation itself. It's profit driven, that much is clear, and a vigilant insider like Leonid can sometimes perceive the invisible hand of the organisation in the words and actions of politicians in the news. The size of the organisation may be a mistery, but it's power stretches far.

He walked back to the table and opened his suitcase, displaying the disasembled R93 sniper rifle. Like a true craftsman he put the weapon together with delicacy and swiftness. His target would arrive soon, so he walked back to the window.

He adjusted the scope to the distance to the dock. The yaught transporting his target had just arrived, ahead of schedule.

The target was a senator and software tycoon, William Trump. Alex hadn't told him why Trump had to die, but it was crystal clear anyway. The recent theft of four nuclear devices worldwide hadn't escaped the eyes of the organisation, and many countries had increased security measures. Many projects had gotten stuck because it became increasingly harder to operate unnoticed, and on top of that it became clear that senator Trump would most certainly be running for president next year- Trump was a man for strong security and he would probably step up against organised international crime. Previously the organisation thought it would be better to let him live but not anymore.

Leonid would drop him before he would reach his armoured limosuine.

There he was! Trump emerged from the boat and immediately Leonid alligned his crossair with the senators head and pulled the trigger.

Trump collapsed on the ground, lifeless. Nearby people screamed, bodyguards were yelling things in their headphones. Leonid dissasembled his rifle with equal speed and delicacy and left the building.

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The headline was written in large letters all over the top of the newspaper that the Pelican was reading.


The Pelican seemed to have a manical smile on his face, as if this was some sort of joy to him.  He was sitting cruising in his aircraft, being taken back Yap to his base.  He had strung a deal with the CIA and the Americans, something no one to this date has ever done.  In the aircraft were 4 CIA agents, making sure that he didn't try anything too drastic and, I don't think that the Pelican would ever try to do something like that.

The ringing of his mobile phone brought the Pelican back to the real world and he answered it.


A voice speaking very quickly and very agitated in tone.

"You what!  OK, I am going to go and get it personally, I have enough back up here." pause "Don't worry, they won't be any bother."

He hung up and stared at the agents.

"You know something guys, I like having friends in high places.  What a coincidence that you 4 were chosen.  Did my friend have anything to do with it?  Anyway, we have a change of destination, we are now going to Scotland to reclaim my nuclear device.  Fancy coming along for the trip?"

THe four agents looked at each other and smiled.

"Thought you might want to.  To Inverness then."

The plane turned sharply, the Pelican was going home.


More to come soon....

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