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Ditch WOL for XWIS?


Should we stop using WOL and go with the XWIS server?  

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  1. 1. Should we stop using WOL and go with the XWIS server?

    • Yes
    • No

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To use it, you run the program, it opens a small window, with the XWIS server IP address at the top, and your current (WOL) IP address at the bottom. Just hit the SET button once to set the IP address to XWIS, and thats it, you can now close it.

Start up Emp. BFD and it will take you to the XWIS server instead of the WOL server. To confirm, you can look at your buddy list (should be empty), or go to CHAT, if its enabled, then you have sucesfully made it. Thats it, in most other respects, its the same as WOL until you try to do 8 player gamesĀ  8). By the way, there is another attampt to get everyone on the XWIS servers tomorrow at 7PM GMT. See if you can make it there and try out the new servers.

Is this what you meant ? If not, let us know...

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