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  1. I have aim (emosh76), icq (262-598-335), msn (mimoka@texnet.net[this is my old email address don't attempt to email it, my current email is emosh76@mail.com.]), and I also have yahoo but I cant remember my username...
  2. I play on xwis as emosh76 and my email is mimoka@texnet.net . I edited this post because I accidentally put my current email insted of msn messenger email. :-[ :-[
  3. It works! Erjin, I love you. Btw I'll be playing on xwis under the name of emosh76. Apparently my emosh76 account got deleted so now I am going to use my backup account lol76.
  4. *Hits dukeleto with a stick to get him to work on his mod*
  5. The nocd crack doesnt work. I think there's a problem with my drivers. Can you check over my dxdiag for outdated drivers? Thx for all you've done so far.
  7. I can install it fine without the install patch, I just use the emperor.exe included with it. When I use the 1.9 patch it overrides the emperor.exe file from the install patch and I can't run it anymore. Basically I need a fixed emperor.exe that works for version 1.9. Ive tried using the fixed .exe file that comes with the install patch with version 1.9 but it wont let me start.
  8. THis is a very nice mod but it has several downfalls. The biggest one being the fact that all the houses only have 3 or 4 unique units left. For example now ordos and harkonnen can get snipers. All the houses can get devestators. Im uninstalling this mod and looking for one that doesn't lower game replayability.
  9. Erjin my first post when i talked about 1.4. I was reffering to the fact that after using the install patch your stuck in version 1.04 and therefor you cant play online. The moment I upgrade empire to 1.9 it wont work anymore. So i need a fix for 1.9 so I can play online.
  10. Ya thats the problem, it kicks me back to the desktop after showing the black screen.
  11. Sorry for not explaining my problem more. My problem is the infamous problem that the game won't start on win XP. I only have 1 cd drive, and I don't use NAV.
  12. I used to play this game for hours on end and just recently reinstalled it. surprise surprise it wont work! I noticed the stickied post on how to get it working on xp. However I want to play online which I can't do if I am in 1.4. Someone pleese help. P.S. I attached my DxDiag file
  13. oh theres a 1.2 standalone? i got the 1.0 standalone ::) ::) ::)
  14. Thx^_^ it still wud be helful if someone could get that cheet to work, it wud be much easier, oh well
  15. I say yes, because I have made 5 acounts for WOL and none of them have worked once. >:( >:( >:( >:(
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