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LYNCH'S DUNE - Some confusion.


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Hey there, i just wanted to clear up a few things.

The production, i was involved in, is a re-release of the origional David Lynch cut of the movie.

I am unclear on what extras there will be.

Its not the mega long version, nor is it the Alan smithee (TV) recut of the lynch film.

It will be released in Poland(!)

I created some art for the animated intro (or poss, it will be used in extras)

It is to be released and the end of the month.

I will be sent a preview copy and will let you all know here what its like.

Thats really all i know.



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Its just a polish art house movie mag/publishing co.

It looks completly Kosher to me.

I was contacted by the publishing house, as they saw my site and wanted to include it in a magazine article they were makig about the release.

Ill post the url here when it goes live.



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