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Programming languages

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Well, that says how close they are to eachother.

I was commenting more on the design philosophy than the syntax. I think the languages are quite different when you use them the way they were intended. If you write C++ programs like a C program you are not using C++ to its full potential.

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well... I like to draw things, then scan them, then color up them up in photoshop. And i do flash animations. My art does look cartoonish. If i ever post it anywhere i'l let you know. I started recently with photoshop and its looking preety good.

Edit: sorry to go off topic.

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In C or C++? You must know that those 2 differe much.

But he means that he want a game a bit like Commander Keen, not with the same source.

Delphi is an excellent choice.

All the sources I have seen are C, but I haven't looked too deeply. I linked the source so that the thread originator could look at it and learn from it.

Me, persoanlly? If I were to write a Commander Keen type of game, I would attempt to do it in x86 assembly. But for someone starting out, if you targeting Windows alone, try Visual Basic. Visual Basic is such a simple language that a lot of people don't consider it programming at all.

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Pleas do not talk bad words about my favourite programming language, MechaDragonX... ;)

And yes, very, very many games are written in C.

And to Number 6:

Yes, that's why they have two different names...(but also why their names are about the same.)

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