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Hello all you people out in modding land, this will be my first post as a member of the Dune Editing Staff!

Here are some prominent mods currently be constructed by Fed2k Members:

Kwisatz Haderach 3 - a long standing project led by Edric O, having recently gained speed, is taking suggestions for changes made to the original Kwisatz Haderach 1 and 2. Among numerous plans, the Kwisatz Haderach Team hopes to incorporate several new buildings and units into custom maps for the mod, only allowing each to be captured, rather then built.

Corrino's Revenge 2 - another long standing project, though one that has lost some of it's speed recently due to some technical difficulties on DukeLeto's part. The original Corrino's Revenge Mod converted the Ordos side of Emperor into the Corrino, with brand spanking new units and buildings. This sequel to the original will now focus on converting all the other houses and subhouses of Emperor into ones of DukeLeto's choosing.

Harmonthep Wars - this is a new project of my own devising, which I am currently teaming up with Timenn to finish up. I will be replacing the Ordos side of Emperor with House Ix, and the Ixian Subhouse with the Smugglers. I will hopefully be able to incorporate dozens of new infantry units and several new tanks, while using only original Ixian buildings found in Emperor. This means some unit slots will be left out, but others will serve multiple purposes.

Look for further updates on all these projects in the Dune Editing Board of Fed2k.

To close, I would like to thank long standing Dune Editing Staff member, Salvatore aka Frodo, for recommending me for this position.

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Maybe the thread about Dune: Total War seems silent now, the project goes on! You should announce it as well, I am working on it. First I'll make only units for custom battles, but it wouldn't take much and you'lll the game with fully new map for Dune campaign...

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