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They do carry mines on them. Thats why any tank that crushes them gets damaged a bit. If a tank tries to crush a large no. of them, then the tank gets blown up.

But you cannot instruct the sardeukar to lay his mines anywhere. They are just a side effect that a tank crushing it will have to bear.

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If they could lay mines, think of the possibilities. You could mine the opening of the AIs base. That way, he wouldnt be able to send light units to attack you. Light units like trikes dont end up doing much damage, but your turrets and units concentrate on one target at a time. So if trikes come b4 a devastator attack, your defence takes on the trikes while the devastators do whatever they want.

Of course, there is a disadvantage to mine laying too. What if your units go over them? Those mines could really cost you, y'know.

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