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  1. Damn, where was I when this was going on? I didn't even know that stuff like this was going on over there. A woman gets gang raped, and it's her fault? You know, you go to U of T (Toronto) for years (go varsity blues), and you've got your acquaitences from Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the like. I'll admit it's been a couple of year since I've been there, but I never thought that it was like this over in the mid East. So this is a big deal, and shows you that things never change. If you're a billionaire shiekh, or a billionaire computer man, oilman, or whatever, you can write the law as yo
  2. Oh, the Canadian dollar is actually worth $ 1.01 US dollars. Stephen Harper can't be all that bad. Well actually, he can.
  3. A article summarizing what happened last week about the controversy in Libya. I think I'm the only one who is happy about the situation of this vote. I think it's okay that Congress voted to say that they weren't crazy about Obama not getting their OK to go into the fight. But now that we're in there, I don't think we should cut off the funds. But, you know, it has been going on for a long time now. It might be time to start calling it a war, and it might not be best for the President to keep saying that we are not. I guess what bothers me is that some politicians seem to be specifically bri
  4. ath-- I don't get it. Are we missing the link? A cool idea if it works.
  5. Van Halen is the true rock oldies band, although I prefer the older stuff with David Lee Roth. Love that cleavage on Cyndi Lee on that "Money Changes..." video.
  6. A person has to wonder why the Saudi government agencies are so strict about Jewish people. All of the Arabians of Michigan and Ontario seem to be pretty friendly. They all want to get along with everybody else, and keep the smiles flowing. Does the government of Arabia do this to justify staying in power? In other words, if they keep the citizens riled up, the average Arabian will forget their miserable existence serving the man. The man being the sheiks who rule the country. Because the last I checked, Jews weren't exactly a terrorist threat. Neither were people wearing crosses or carrying
  7. Wow. Detroit Metro is a major hub for Delta Airlines. I am finding very hard to fathom that Delta wold kow-tow to the billionaire shieks of the Middle East. There must be some major money passing behind the scenes. It seems almost like Nazi Germany in the 1930's, where Jews weren't allowed to ride certain buses or trains. I see that a United States Senator from IL wants to have a look see into the whole thing. A great big shout out to Mark Kirk from the Land of Lincoln. Maybe Congress can do some good for once, and get to the bottom of this.
  8. Happy Birthday, to a boss that needs no introduction..... ErasOmnius.
  9. My pet peeve are the Bush tax cuts. As if the rich need tax cuts? This great article from Salon magazine shows what a joke cutting taxes for the top 1% are. Then the rich just invest the money they save overseas to put N Americans out of work. Outsourcing our jobs to Asia and India, which causes the little guy to go unemployed. Unemployment causes a lowering of tax revenue. Bush, you were a joke then, and you still are now.
  10. Hey, I think you're getting uptight about all of this for nothing. To me, as long as no Americans or Canadians are dying on enemy soil, then take as long as you want, Mr Obama. Get the oil in line, and get Qaddafi out of there. Congress shouldn't be sticking their noses into something that isn't really even a war. I think the GOP brings up issues to try to embrass Obama poltically. Trying to say he's weak, trying to say that he doesn't understand foreign policy. He made Hillary the Sec of State. That speaks volumes, she doing a bang-up job and a half. He killed Bin Laden, Bush searched for yea
  11. This is a great picture of Britney from behind.
  12. There's a lot of BS going around here. I think I know that some people around here think I am a figment of ErasO's imagination, but I do in fact, exist. In my life I have usually been content to just shut up and sit around eating potato chips and the dip. But honestly, Mr Wolf, do you have to make mountains out of molehills? Give the guy a break. I know, I know, Denis, go and hit on some girl in the corner, your degree is not worth a $hit. Is that your next comment to me? From what I have read, there is a lot of tag-teaming going on. No, ErasO is not calling me up to tell me what to write. I k
  13. I think in America there is a gung-ho, take-the-sky attitude that is unique to the USA. Americans think they have the next best capitalist idea, when actually they are just regurgitating something that someone else has done. Instead of being happy with the "way things are", Americans have a tendency to want to conquer the next frontier. But actually Americans are just using up natural resources to do so. There are a lot of companies like this and a lot of small businesses like this. So this "conquer" attitude is hostile to unions, in my opinion. But it's rare to find any of them here in the mi
  14. First of all, Sir ErasO, you said that on this discussion board, I am Denis Atreides, not Denis T. I shall take you up on the offer. You're against birth control pills? Who's gonna pay for all of the babies of this world? Who's gonna take care of all of the unwanted children? The abortion rate would skyrocket thru the roof. It's 1 thing to be against abortions, but shut down the pill, that sounds kind of extreme to me. The IP thing and all of this doppleganger stuff is really just people projecting their personalities onto what they think is other people's behavior. To say the least, it wold b
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