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  1. I already have http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0000AISLP/202-0517468-1403841?v=glance&n=283926&s=gateway&v=glance And the barebone of the same edition of the movie on DVD. And a bad quality of the Alan Smithee movie on DVD(very grainy, even more barebone). So now i find out this has been released. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007PAMR4/ref=pe_ar_x1B0007PAMR4/103-6058697-0643859?n=130 I am not entirely sure if it has something i haven't already got. It has both versions of the movie(the Lynch version digitally remastered, the other version, i don't know). It has some extras
  2. Possibly, it could also be a definit future, something that will happen, and the only way to survive that future, is through the golden path.. Actually, i can't see how it can be a *possible* future. Whether Omnious is out there or not should already be desided long before, the golden path wouldn't influence the machines existing out there. Agreed. That just meant she would survive the desert. Atleast in my book the quote is "He saw her accept her own nakedness the way Moneo had accepted it, with fear and hate. It was of little matter. He probed the time ahead of them. Yes, she would survive
  3. GEOD GEOD. While the second quote may not be literal, i think the first one is. I just stumpled over this after reading the two prequal series. That is, this time i was paying more attention to this stuff. Personally, i find both of the prequal series lacking, i can read them, but they are in no way FH Dune. But i believe, an opinion here, that Frank Herbert did intend to have the thinking machines come back(in some form or another) in book 7. I would much prefer a FH Dune 7 than the two books they are releasing, since i'm sure he would do a better job, but, i'll still get it and read it. Hel
  4. Hmm, agreed, i made the assumption that the intro was by Frank Herbert. Anyone know if a statement was ever made one way or the other on this subject? Of course i could say "wha wha, you can't prove i'm wrong", but that is a fallacy, and i won't do that. I was working on the assumption that the intro was saw and heard from the Alan Smithee version was cannon. And in the intro we see drawings that are somewhat similar to Cymeks. Similar enough, especially considering Frank Herbert have made other stories with disembodied brains. And he did, in other novels. Agreed, that is what he writes in
  5. Actually, it says. "The universe was ruled by thinking machines, with human minds." Though the art shows humans with robot servants. Those two don't necesarilly conflict to begin with. I can't really remember Legends of Dune so well right now. But i believed it also started like that. Humans with robot servants, the humans started doing less and less, and in the end handed it all over to a thinking machine(Omnious), and at some point down the road, humans realized they were, or they became, slaves of the their creation. Which doens't conflict with either picture or story from the intro. And i
  6. Warning, a few spoilers if you haven't read all the books, + prequals, nothing major though. I've been reading a few old threads, and instead of posting to a 1 year old thread, i thoguht i would just start a new one. When talking about Legends Of Dune, people often complain about how much Brian and Kevin have destroyed the legacy of the Dune universe. And granted, while i did enjoy the series, it wasn't Dune, not by a long shot. A complaint i just read, was the idea of Cymeks being an abomination created by Brian and Kevin. And how bringing Omnious and all into Book 7(and 8) was surely not wha
  7. I'm having a problem, i usually trust people, but oh i so want this to be a troll. :(
  8. Well, it says new extras. But considering it is hollywood, i fear they just mean the extras from: Lynch's Dune Special Edition DVD http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=13178.0 What about the hd-dvd, any info on that relase? all i know right now is that it is coming
  9. hmm, and neither does any of the kb keys. oh well, guess i have some work to do :D.
  10. well, i erased the folder and unpacked again, got the mouse sensitivity working, but right click doesn't work, nor does kb. queer. oh well :D ill keep trying.
  11. queer, the mouse refuse to comply with me, but then again, i am using vanila wine. so that may be it. The mouse did work, as such, but it just didn't move as expected. come to think of it, it just seemed like my mouse was way to sensitive.
  12. ehm, newtons law is false. its close, but its not accurate.
  13. ahh, thanks for clearing that up.
  14. what the bip is this about? http://us.imdb.com/Title?0217408
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