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  1. no i didnt recompile it. I just used "cedega" (winex4)... and it worked. Do you know winex ? Its sort of a emulator for windows programs / games for linux. http://www.transgaming.com/products_linux.php slider..hm.. i meant some kind of button where you can change the speed. for example in C&C or Red Alert, when you go in Options you have those horizontal scrollthings where you can ajust speed. Could you implement these in Dune2 the maker ? well..anyway. Thank you for making this great game. =) I just love this. I had one small problem tough, i couldnt start a skirmish battle. I dont know if its because i m playing it with linux... --greetings, mika
  2. Its a little bit too fast on my pc 2600xp, linux debian (cedega), 512mb ddr Could you implement a speed slider. so we can ajust speed ? that would be reaally great and easy to implement.. i think. second thing, could you give a status if the saving/loading was succesfull. like "game was succesfully saved..." well and congratulations..its working on linux lol
  3. Hello, could anyone give me a download link for dune 2 the maker ? I' m really interested in this project. thanks
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