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  1. 167 downloads

    Goal: Lakes. Great Lakes. Build a railroad to span this industrial and agricultural heartland of America. Author's Comments: You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime: develop the industrially and agriculturally rich Great Lakes region. Your task is to build a great railroad. BRONZE - Connect Chicago to Philadelphia within 25 years. SILVER - Same as Bronze, except you must also have a book value exceeding $75,000,000 GOLD - Same as both of the above, except you must also have a personal net worth over $35,000,000 AND you have to do it all within 15 years. Good Luck!
  2. The key is starting in Chicago, though I have a new version of the map coming along and I boosted the Philly region pretty significantly.
  3. OOS = Out of sync. So I got uppity and decided to try RRT3 in multiplayer after years of neglect. One weird issue though after a few years of play, track is appearing out of nowhere on my opponents screen, and his new track is no longer connecting or updating on mine. Is this a known issue or is it because we're playing a large custom map? Ideas?
  4. Starting in 1900 I achieved CBV $75m and PNW $70m in about 11 years and 8 or so months.
  5. Somehow I don't think we're talking about the same scenario.
  6. by offered you mean in loans, correct?
  7. You started with $4 million? How? The most you should start with is $1.1 Million + and a possibly 600k more from loans and stocks
  8. This is my first released RRT3 map, but I've been working on it intermittently since about January. I did a lot of research for city placement, industry, maps, etc. Aside from the lakes, the map is entirely hand drawn, elevation and all. It's fairly large at 896 x 640, so don't say I didn't warn you. I hope you enjoy it. Much thanks goes to www.allrefer.com that was a REAL help in researching the cities. Also to "Bryan" at http://www.strategygames.net/games/RailroadTycoon2/RT2Maps.html whose RRT2 map I really enjoyed and enspired me to do this map. -=-=-=- Description: You have been give
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