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  1. What happened to the mod for RRT2?
  2. The original map was created by me. I have been planning to re-up it here as I have made a few changes to it.
  3. I don't know how anyone can get gold on the stand alone Australia map! Does anyone have any ideas??
  4. No, Silverback. Thank you for uploading this. I was wondering what the levels of acceleration and reliability were. Gwizz found the reliability chart but I thought there was also a chart for acceleration that ran from atrocious to instant.
  5. Thanks, Gwizz, but that's not what I am looking for. :D I'm looking for the chart that shows the progression of acceleration & Relaiability from atrocious to outstanding. I can never remember the order. I also remember that PopTop had this chart but I can't find it.
  6. I remember seeing this chart way, way back in the day, but now I can't find it. Does anyone have a chart that shows the order of Acceleration & Relaiability for the engines?? I need to know the order so I can choose between the TGVx, Shinkansen Bullet, and the TGV. Thanks!
  7. Update to this map. Version three from reading the thread. :) These changes have been made: - Edited the wording of many events so that they made sense. Some of my English was pretty confusing! - Added alcohol production increase as part of the effects for the event thatincreased alcohol revenue. - Changed triggers for war events so that they would fire correctly. There are two events - one good and one bad. Once one of these fires the other is never supposed to see the light of day. My original code was causing both to fire. - Reduced effects for the war and economy events as I felt too much was changing when these events ran. - Changed random number for the Formalhaut nuclear facility event. Now more of you may actually see this event run. - Added economy woes during the years 1971-1974 because there were not enough events happening during the 1970's. - Disabled auto plants and tire factories because the resources for these industries are too spread out. It was near impossible to turn a profit hauling autos and it could become a distraction when trying to meet the Silver goals. - Flipped the supply and demand for the passengers & mail at ports. Now Mail is turned into Passengers, not the other way around. - Some towns and cities industry mapping has been changed to better reflect the resources around said population centers. This is especially true for the country of Ares. Enjoy! Starvania.zip
  8. Oh, One other change! - Repositioned the Buffalo, NY station for the Lehigh Valley to allow for expansion into Canada. Fun fact: for years the preffered way for trains to move from the mDetroit to the east coast was via Windsor Tunnel-Buffalo. But with the advent of tri-level auto racks and high cube auto parts box cars most loads had to be moved through Toledo!
  9. Attached is an update to my Eastern Railroads Before Conrail map. The changes/modifications are as follows: - Added Dover, Delaware as a city to give the Central Railroad of New Jersey an outlet as they are hemmed in pretty badly. - Replaced the station at New Haven for the Lehigh & Hudon Valley to allow for the placing of a station in northern New York City, thereby allowing the player to capture some traffic that is not covered by a rival station. - Incresed resources slightly in New England in order to help the L&HV as they are one of the most dependant on resources early. - Changed the scenario win and loss events so that they fire at the beginning of the year. I noticed that before, with the trigger set at the end of the year that I obtained the six year of 2,000,000 in profits only to see the game give me a Silver. It seems it did not count they sixth 2 million profit in 1976. East US before Conrail.zip
  10. Not working for me. I am using a no-cd exe right now because my RRT2 disk shattered into a thousand pieces a few weeks ago. I bought this game when it came out and now it's in a landfill somewhere. So, if I need the CD to run your mod I am sunk. Anyone know where I can buy a copy?
  11. Now you know one reason why my before Conrail map is so hard - those grade crossings are murder on your bottom line!
  12. The top speed of the SD90MAC is 80 MPH, if that helps.
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