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  1. Lord Winner

    Dune Cheats

    Interesting indeed, both facts are unexpected to me at least. Also, good reverse-engineering work
  2. About 6), a wild guess: in the first 12 KB of decompressed savegame files (offsets ~6 to ~0x3080), the patterns are interesting (mostly 0, 2, A and 8 hex digits, but occasional F or E), and the proportion of set bits raises over time, AFAICS, it's higher in a day 27 pre-final-attack savegame than in a day 17 pre-final-attack save games. I don't currently have access to the computer which has savegames of higher in-game times and wider controlled areas. I hope I kept the day 200+ savegame, where I had Fremen troops build wind-traps into all sietches which didn't have any, converted all tro
  3. I kept 49 successive copies of DUNE21S3.SAV from the game run where I could launch the final attack on the morning of day 17 ( https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/20497-dune-cheats/?tab=comments#comment-395491 ). These might help pinpointing the game stage / phase variable, without having to playing through the entire game again. I can somehow send you a set of savegames for quick runs (17 to 20 in-game days) if you wish EDIT: In order to research 5), I built a couple C++ programs, a RLE decompressor with hard-coded F7 byte and a program to detect bytes whose values have strictly incre
  4. Lord Winner

    Dune Cheats

    Yes, the Fremen troops you can recruit after liberating Harkonnen fortresses are randomized. The appearance of their respective leaders is always the same for the troop "belonging" to a given fortress, though on Dune "21" at least, there's occasionally a glitch where the Fremen leader notifying the player of a battle being won is neither any of the Fremen leaders whose troops won the battle, nor the Fremen leader of the troop you can recruit after entering the location and possibly having a Harkonnen captain captured. This glitch occurs especially for Arrakeen-Tsymyn. However, the number
  5. Lord Winner

    Dune Cheats

    Another cheat in the time area, which I never saw described anywhere... At least in the version which creates DUNE21S*.SAV files, one can take advantage of the automatic save when entering into a place, and Maps -> Globe -> Load game -> Last entering into a place, to cram a higher number of character dialogs - sequences and/or troop actions per 1h30 time period. The sub-hour counter doesn't seem to be adequately saved or restored. I've been using this cheat occasionally for years; using it intensively has a surprisingly deep impact (read: several days !) on the
  6. Lord Winner

    Dune Cheats

    If the game stage variable never goes to 0xFF, that explains why nobody can find Celimyn-Tuek by traveling into that area of the desert with an orni or a worm... it's revealed by meeting none of Harah (the first byte should then be 0x14), Chani (should be 48) or even Liet Kynes (should be 58). I guess I'll test that by editing the first byte of the F section early in the game to say 14, next time I play the game [EDIT: yup, unsurprisingly, if the first byte of the F section of Celimyn-Tuek is set to 0x14, then that sietch can be found by flying over the area, right after meeting Harah.]
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