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  1. hugslab

    Dune Cheats

    character data is right after troop data and is laid out something like this: a b c d e f g h leto: 200a 80 01 dc9d 0000 0000 00 02 A : the scene this character appears in (see field C of sietch data) + the room within the scene (in this case, the throne room of the palace) B : i *think* this is used for distance from a location if you leave someone in the desert? C : character is hidden when this is set to ff D : this is a function pointer used to start dialogue and i have no idea why it's present in save games E&F : unsure. these are set to zero at game start (thus compressed in save games) G : sprite index H : unsure characters appear in this order: leto, jessica, thufir, duncan, gurney, stilgar, kynes, chani, harah, the baron, feyd, the emperor, soldiers, smugglers, fremen, fremen
  2. hugslab

    Demo stuff

    I was able to figure out a way of playing an incomplete version of the game from within the demo a little while back. It's a bit of a hack to get it working, and it needs files from the final game - so not entirely accurate, but it's still kinda interesting! I've added some (incomplete) findings to the page started by sourgrass.
  3. hugslab

    Dune Cheats

    For anyone super curious, the first byte of column F in John2022's sietch structure is used to determine when a sietch can be discovered. For example, Tuono-Tabr is set to 02, so when the game stage variable is 02 (which it is when Leto orders you to find the stillsuit maker), the sietch becomes discoverable. The game stage only goes up to C8 (I think), so those locations set to FF are revealed through other events.
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