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  1. Hi, FunkyFr3sh, There is a issue if adjmouse=True, the cursor will jump when I double clicked. 1.00«-+»x 1.00«-+»x Tested on Windows 10, dune2000-spawn 2018-11-21 13-10-47-884.mp4
  2. Hi, Funkyfr3sh, There is some issue if adjmouse is enabled, the cursor is jumping to another place on the screen when I have double clicked. Tested on Windows 10
  3. It's really nice! And I'm also wondering if I could set for the linear stretching( blur drawing in lower resolution ), because I found the video has lots of noise when I dont check the maintain ratio option. Another point is the video backbuffer is always disabled, is it not necessary for the lastest version ?
  4. Hi, do you know how can I fix this when running tibed 1.71?
  5. The latest version still doesn't work for me, when clicking start (default settings).
  6. I still can't find out the relation to colors in the form showed by funky's bin editor, but it's definitely 128 colors. Here is my sort of all these colors ( i have edited a lot just by hex tools). And the others is game screenshot:
  7. very nice, and it's better to add some other terrain between the spice area(not only money map) :D
  8. Change the game's language to which you never speak, that could really help you, cuz your wife will never understand :D. Or you need to delete the whole "data\GAMESFX" folder lol. -----[sR]Windyq
  9. Ok, nowadays, I have a look at the mission settings for AI segment, and have changed many of the values which I think will make those AI play like humans more(build order, unitpriority...), I'm not sure how it works with some special strings lol, but with some tests by [sR]UnitLost it seems to work :D. Btw, you can never order full units in starport if you build it too early xD, the latest version of AI will get low power when they haven't built enough wind trap, that's one of the reasons why it is lazy and dont want to multitask :D (maybe another reason is cashstash)
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