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  1. sony do u utopia? i just attacked someone names sony_guy in utopia
  2. well mechs' aren't that bad. They can move the upper body in like 180 degrees and if they can jetpack or jump it'll be cool. mechs are heavy tho....
  3. has anyone been to http://d3cz.project77.net? they need help on the message boards, there's only 4 register members =)
  4. GobalopperGobalopperGobalopperGobalopperGobalopper you joined on my birth date, just change 2000 to 1985 =)
  5. MarS can =) mars, this is finite state machine.
  6. no way i'll only play the house with metal/industrial music=) harkonnen and ix preobably
  7. i doubt it =) anyways ps2 sucks wait until >< box
  8. WOAH. You already put it on a site :) ok sure, i'll link it. I think my friend is doing that too (MarS, the person with the arrakis game) thanks i c q moi, 85527848
  9. can someon help me? ok the installation is hard for "newbies" so...i made a zip of all the files without the rar'ing part. I tryed uploading but i'm on a 56k and it took 2 and a half hours but i got DISCONNECTED!!!! If someone iwth cable can upload it to my accouny with a zip of the dune3k.exe and the folders and stuff then tell me, i'll give u user/pw :) thanks! BTW: readme.txt and about.txt updated on my page. www.angelfire.com/me4/brimstoneonline00
  10. i hate the ordos theme techno sucks harkonen THEME ROCKS!!!!!!! (i bet u atreides will be like classical music)
  11. look at my rants in my new program at www.angelfire.com/me4/brimstoneonline00 buti 'll post it here anyway I want to be able to drain the blood of the dead for water. Water can be used in conjuction with the Shai-Hulud (sand worm) and create the water of life (a special poison) or create water of life infantry, which shoots out the poison and slowly takeway hit points. I also want to be able to breed the Shai-Hulud, because only the young worms can be used to make the water of life.
  12. cool, at least some people downloaded it :) its best at 1024x768, and i have my computer at 1280x1024 any bugs or some suggest email me at brimstone@mbox.com.au i forgot to put the code in for the update thingy, so that doesn't work i'll post a message on the forum if i update it
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