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  1. Ok, hear me out; I'm sure you have heard of the wacked out games that you can play online and build characters (and cyber-lives) like ultima online. Well, I'm from an old school tradition and I much rather prefer something that I stumbed upon....Graal Online. It's basically an online version of the SNES Legend of Zelda. Graal is a JAVA program that lets you interface with other players and the computer like you are playing that great SNES game. There is magic, swords, arrows, bombs to use and special features such as sparring (hmmm, it's like knife fights..you start to see the DUNE in volved?) But the character's names and (to an extent) appearances are altered to how the player wants it. That has left open the creation of Guilds (Clans, etc.) of players, usually with a common theme. Well, on the second server of Graal Online (N-Pulse), there is a DUNE guild, in which I am a pretty prominent member. I'll leave it at that (i'm just posting here as a test, i'll get to the larger message board soon). Go to http://www.graalonline.com to get the 2meg download you'll need to play. Get on the N-Pulse server and contact people with [DUNE] tags on their screen names about recuitment. Paul Atreides, Duneshark and I have been on the longest. My screen name is Gom Jabbar[Fedaykin][DUNE]. I would really like to see more people on with a better DUNE knowledge base. Oh, and, another kool thing about graal servers, the world is constantly expanding, that means that guilds can get bases (DUNE may get a desert sietch!). OK, if anyone who wants to talk to me, i'm on MSN MSG alot. my email for that is gom_jabbar@hotmail.com
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