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  1. oi no i changed nothing @ starport settings..... where do you think the problem lies?
  2. oi where exactly do i get the totally unmodded version from? i somehow can only find edited on the net, and therefore only use them! playing without the file works. but i wanna use file! :'( :'(
  3. :( :(oi i didnt change anythin in the ARTINI but i did change stuff in the rules file. i tried using the original one i downloaded (unspoiled by me) but still no change! ive attachted my rules.txt with my changes... pls help!![attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  4. oi i have the following problem: when i built a starport while having the rules.txt in /data/models whenever i try to build (place) a starport the game just ends. it also does when in the beging of the lvl there alreaddy is a starport, even when my opponents have one/build one. i have changed nothing in the part of rules.txt where it says something about the starport. i have emperor v. 1.09 german pls answer fast! dacy
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