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  1. Hello again. I see that 960x540 would be actually the best resolution for me but I can't play it because of problem I said one post ago. I talked about it just 5 months ago and I still see this problem. I tried at another pc (laptop) and there is same problem but with another resol (because there original resolution is not 1980x1080 but 1366x768, so lag resol is not 960x540)
  2. Hello. I decided to move from high resolution to lower. It used to be 1920x1080, I chose 960x540, because here the pixels are divided exactly into each other, so this resolution does not look blurry (pixel length is exactly 2 times less than in the monitor resolution). But the problem is - exactly on this resolution a certain bug occurs. When I move the mouse to the right or bottom side of the screen (scrolling the map or menu), the mouse visually remains at the edge. However, if I try to move the mouse to the center of the screen, it seems to be stuck in the edge. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is that the resolution of 960x540 is only visually, the mouse works as in the usual 1920x1080, therefore it goes beyond the edges, because of this it is very uncomfortable to play. Maybe there is a setting that fixes this? I use the latest config that is built into the CnCnet. If this is really a bug, I would very much like this to be fixed.
  3. Returning to the condition of "casualties". I looked it again, but I did not see the fractions. How to understand the "Flags?:", where instead of a fraction is a long number of zeros. And under what condition the event is executed - if the true proportion is greater than that specified in the event and when the threshold is greater? I’m trying to figure out if this condition can be done so tat if a player reaches a high KD (that is, if there are more kills than losses in a certain number of times), then the event is executed.
  4. Yes thank you. Actually, of course, I know about cyclic timers (%) - but in my case for the event I need to add two conditions - % and > . And the interval helped me limit one. This is important because I already had 47 busy conditions, I even had to delete something. And as for the hot keys for different tiles - I just haven't got enough of it yet to quickly use the tiles on the keyboard. So for now, I put tiles like that.
  5. Also about the atreides. They have nothing but starport. I did this so that they did not order anything and were not dependent on the rest of the base. Therefore, they have no money, and orders come through events, as the Cm_blast has guessed. And the settings of AI, like upgrates, I just copied from others - but if they somehow interfere, I'll remove them
  6. Only tomorrow I will look in the editor, thanks. As for the map, or rather the dunes, I don’t see them, I just remember how they should be attached to each other. But I did not understand what kind of auto-complete you are talking about, is there such a function in the editor? apparently I did not know much
  7. I have been working with this maps for now.) I can post multiplayer maps, which I did if you're interested (here’s one of them, for example - this video.) Can you explain to me how to publish my on the forum? (in which section, create topics, etc.) As for the same mission - unfortunately, the problem remained, and not even a single tip helped. All the settings of AI are quite standard, but for some reason there are no attacks, even if I played 30,000 ticks. I do not want you to make a map for me, but you could see a screenshot - maybe you will find something. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the help, now I finally figured out all the conditions. By the way, I really needed orders with the condition “more n-tics” and “each n-tics”, the intervals will help me with this.
  9. Sorry for the long answer. Could not answer before. Thanks for the help. Where can I read about how conditions interval and casualties work? I can't understand how they work
  10. Sorry for the long answer. Could not answer before. Thanks for the help. Where can I read about how conditions interval and casualties work? I can't understand how they work
  11. Thank you very much, I don’t have any minor attacks anymore - indeed, the player’s base was in the AI zone. But for some reason they stopped attacking altogether only when the carryalls were planted with the hunt parameter. Smugglers (atreides with a modified index) bring units to the starport and must attack every 15,000 ticks. But during the game they are engaged only in defense. I even decided to put the percentage of attack at 100 for the sake of verification - they still do not attack the player. I hope I will solve this problem, thanks for the help that already is.
  12. Hello again, I will not even create a new topic. I completed this mission, about the effect that I wanted, I received. In the new mission, I have another task, which I have been trying to set up for an hour. It is necessary to make AI attacks similar to the attack of the Harkonnen from the 7th mission for the Atreides. There, they wait a fairly long time, train the army, units do not go anywhere, but then a large army sharply attacks. I even tried to completely copy the settings of Harkonnen from that mission, but alas, it did not help. What happens to me? From the very beginning of the mission, the enemy begins to train the trikes on one base, to order a missile tank to the old port on the other base. After they immediately attack. Thanks.
  13. Hey. I managed to create 3 new missions until another problem appeared. When I try to launch any mission, I get an error message (see Screenshot). The strangest thing is that I tried to run the same in another editor (I have two identical editors) - the error is the same. It is also interesting that two hours ago everything worked well. After that, I practically did nothing (I played only one game on cnсnet, apparently, it has some great significance). Help me please. Upd: this also happened when I just started the original game. Only black screen and this text. Upd2: and also it happened when I launched the second original game (LOL IDK, what is this). Now I realized that I was writing this in the wrong topic. Judging by the fact that this error affected all versions at once, the problem is not in the editor, not in the game, but in Windows (or I just messed up somewhere) Upd3: lol, I apologize for clogging the topic, I restarted the computer and it all worked x)))) (Why am I writing this here?)
  14. Thank you very much, this information will be very useful to me.
  15. Hello. I tried to create missions for the company. Now there was a problem. I am sure that in most of the original missions, bots do not create engineers and MCV even if it is required (except for maybe 9 levels). But in my mission, the bot still hires engineers. It is desirable for me to get rid of attacks on buildings from the enemy at all (as is necessary in the mission), I tried to change all the values - make first attack building delay to 9999999, attack building stength 0, etc. All this does not help.
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