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  1. I resolve the problem. I have the game to run on compatibility mode to windows xp (Don't know why I put it that way). I desactivate it and it works fine now. The game give me another message and quit when i playing the new misson one mercenaries. Something like Ticket x: To many... "something" (I forgot to take a screenshot and don't remember what says exactly) Edit: I made the mission two and after time is gone a message error appears again (it's different of the other)
  2. I have problems too with Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition My system as Windows 8.1 x64bits - 1080p The game run well for a while. I start game, play as some house, but after about twenty minutes the game block completely, the only solutions is to do ctrl+alt+del and log out of windows or restart the computer, because I can't finish the process of Dune. Any one else have the same issue?
  3. Good work man :) A note: The constructions are difficult to delete.
  4. Can i put AI allied with themselves?
  5. Is a mission in grunt mod edition
  6. i use starport instead of silo. add the high sell car to "cart" and cancel. this reduces the "level" of refinery.
  7. works perfectly with the grunt version
  8. click on "WinVista&7 ipx x64.reg" to modify register then run game. work for me,
  9. I have this error when i try to acess the harkonnen and ordos test mission. The atreides test mission working fine
  10. PedroVCS


    Good job :) Works in multiplayer mode?
  11. Can we make allies in game this way?
  12. in internet play is that option?
  13. I love the idea. Good work and keep going.
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