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  1. Tehpevis

    Swine Flu

    Not necessarily, they certainly do care about spreading bullshit and rubbish. Thing is, said bullshit/rubbish is more profitable, and so they care about it by utilizing it to its fullest extent.
  2. *returns to thread* Wow, this became an Evolution debate. Very well thought out when compared to my traditional forum standards (NationStates), where the flames/trolls present in Youtube pale in comparison. Not very surprising.
  3. Really, I suppose this image is what got me thinking about it: Gaara of the Desert, from the Naruto Manga/Anime. All that's missing is a bit more blue in the eyes and a stillsuit.
  4. THANK YOU for suggesting this. Listening to it right now, in fact.
  5. Tehpevis

    Dune Anime?

    OK, not sure if this should be in Duniverse or General, but I pose you the question: How do you think an Anime/Manga based off of Dune would be? Successful? Would you like it? Your thoughts.
  6. I knew I was forgetting The Windmill Guy for some reason...
  7. lol, in the films, obviously. Rambo's up there on the same level as MacGyver, Chuck Norris, and Theodore Geisel. Try that in real life, though, really. Take, say, Rambo, or Tanya Adams, put into a battle situation against a couple thousand basic or substandard infantryman.
  8. Rambo is overrated. Try throwing a generic supersoldier of Rambo's sort into the fray against a thousand poorly trained conscripts, guess who wins.
  9. The theme music to Requiem for a Dream. Something for the 'mood' of my 'shit training' I've been doing for the past 30 minutes or so and am currently breaking form.
  10. Santa Fe, NM. I may just be saying this because I used to live there.
  11. Tehpevis

    Swine Flu

    Maybe it was research into the Flu virus' existing and potential strands. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't H1N1 a recent mutation?
  12. It just occured to me that I'd probably see the same thing in a piece of Stalinist propaganda.
  13. The Old Testament of the Bible, mostly. A god that kills off the World's entire human population (save one family) for putting their Free Will to work is obviously very genocidal, irritable, maybe even a bit senile.
  14. As of now, that's a damn good question.
  15. You strike me as one who enjoys the simpler things in life (the Sunshine, Fly-Bee-Dragonfly-WTF is that thing, etc.), I applaud that.
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