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  1. It's been a pleasure to find out how people react and think about this fact. You see, this question we ask oureselves is so complicated that only simplicity could work. Much nonsense and waste of time from those who participated. Conclusion: Try to think simple (I gave some examples in the past replies on this topic) and the answer will come...
  2. First of all... the book will be in Romanian because I want to be sure that it will be a bestseller in other countries (romanian people aren't used with reading books nowadays). If it will be a bestseller in my country, fact that many people believe, it will defenetly be a bestseller in other countries. It will be published around this early spring, although I'm almost ready (it takes a lot of time to be analised reanalised and rereanalised... and a lot of other process till it's ready for the public + the winter holidays). The name may sound a bit weird in English but it sounds great in Romanian. So here's a very quick brief of it: Introduction + a bit of autobiography What's a dream and steps to complete for your dream to become a target. Why you should do it. The big process.(main title) The contract The routine Be the best! Back to the roots There's no fiction in it... simply why and how to do it... How to make your dreams reality. Now here's why I have chosen to do this thing: -I don't really expect to be rich and famous, I simply have a dream. To meet the person from that vision, vision that completely changed me, and to thank her for whatever she did to appear in my dream. -I made a lot of mistakes but what's most painful is that I have actually destroyed people. Now I would do anything to help as much people as I can. By helping other people, I become more succesful and I get closer and closer to my dream. ... So much for the moment, you'll find the rest of the information in my book. Or perhaps, if I have time, I'll mail you with more information yet I suggest that reading the entire book is better... if you can bear to wait a while. I agree that I have some grammar issues and I appreciate that you can help me fix some. Thank you!
  3. SandChigger ... I'm not sure that you understand me from your feedback. I would like to say that, if so, you've reached a level of incompetence and now you are incompetent to understand my message. But don't be sad. We all encounter the same problem so there has to be a solution: Try to think from different perspectives. Giving me same replies is useless. I know that I am right and you know that you are right. But here's what. I don't want to point out your problems. You have to do this and don't let me know... So much for the "bonus round"... P.S. Best example is Dante's last post. He just did it! What about you?
  4. Oh but why should I stop when I could end it my way... "Wingnut with an agenda"? Perhaps but here's what... I don't need such feedback because I know what my problems are... I just have to look in the mirror. It's the guy I have to shave every morning. Now think of yourself. Can you observe some of your problems? I don't think so... And here's your first problem. Try to think about it. People often say this: Oh, it's terrible... Everyone is so selfish nowadays and everybody's thinking only of itself. Only I think of myself. And the way I want to be treated like...? Honestly, I'd like to take a break for the moment. But what about you? I see such complicated words here and they seem to be useless. And all this criticism shown comes as a result of fear. It's really a pain in the neck to see people and say: Look at him... he's so... this and that... How can he be successful? I recently bought an anti-looser spray. So here's how it works: Does your ideal image at least relate to the real one? (biggest loosers are those who debate on this) Ever felt this thing: It's useless! I tried and I tried but I had the same result. I kept doing this thing but I had the same result over and over again... It nice to debate. But the result should bring something real. ... and remember! We end it in our way and the result is given by us... "wingnut with and agenda"... this really made me laugh... Thank you!
  5. Why do so much people want be right without thinking that they could be wrong? I stop here...
  6. ... About the roots Dante, we have forgotten our roots... that's it! Take a look at yourselves, where are you going? Everything was built using faith... one day, a man said: People can fly... And now we can! Just an idea: If we believe in the existence of God, he will exist. For those who believe he doesn't exist, he won't exist. It's simple. It's usless to debate on this thing.
  7. No... no ... I couldn't open the "UIBB" R8 file...
  8. Ok... I knew that I could heat up this thread because I wanted to see how people think. It's ok not to agree with something but to be neutral is useless. Anyway, here's what I'd like you to know: - every single one of you is right (in his way) - if people don't believe in God, why should they believe in us? If they believe in them, they will believe in us... People won't change because I made them change, they will change because they wanted to... People follow me for their benefits, and I relate to people for my benefit. I call it interrelation. Once this interrelation takes place, we're a team. And since every one of you has at least a goal and if we're all sharing the same planet, then why in the world are we debating? Let's be a team and make our dreams come true!
  9. Why's that?... ever heard of Joan of Arc?... who could believe that a teenage peasant could lead the entire french army?... almost none, but due to the situation they were in it happened... it simply happened. Try to imagine what if... what if you could do this or that? Your way of thinking and responding can kill other people's dreams and goals... did you ever think of this? Smile... be positive and do whatever you want to do!
  10. Well... here's the list: Soundtracks from (the gladiator, braveheart, children of dune, titanic) Laura Pausini "e ritorno da te" album Celine Dion (all french albums and some other hits) Queen Craig Armstrong Yanni ... etc...etc And here's the list of "used to listen"... long time ago... Young Jeezy (thug motivation 101, the inspiration, can't ban the snowman albums) Boyz N Da Hood Chamillionaire dayday MR0H10 and many other...
  11. As a matter of fact it's worse than this... you should know it better... so please, carry on with your idea.(lack of optimism)
  12. I wanted to be simple and it has become simple. I denied the human misery and that's why people follow me. I was in misery but I couldn't stay there. Simple and positive... two words that should describe us, the people. Ok... it's almost morning in my country so I'd better rest. I've got a full day ahead and I'm ready for new experiences. Have faith!
  13. You see... this is the biggest power we have here. Try to believe it and I'll help you, when the time comes...
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