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  1. he tries to get dune2k ==> ra2 :D THATS A GREAT IDEE... only i cannot help you... :'( :-
  2. Atreides have the worst combat tank (i Agree) but the harkonnen is the strongest and wins against 1 Ordos CT
  3. It Works for me I'll build 5 atreides HI TECH FACTORY's and voila :P also if you have tech lv1 it's best to build your base full with LF (for trike/raider ;D) or barracks 8) (whatever your strategy is ???)
  4. Yeah in the patch 1.06: 8 player support but i couldn't find it (I thought it was my computer) but you have the same problems well that is good news for my i hope that i can fix this (i think not :'()
  5. i also play much with AL and i Hope someone could upgrade the Al :O
  6. you can download it from Dune2k.com, go than to games => dune 2000 => Editors :P
  7. I HAD the game but the CD fails :-[ i want the game but there's no place where i can buy it or download it (safely) :'(
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