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  1. tyrian =) remember playing this alot with a friend
  2. just tried a few minutes but works great =) hope you add some useful control-features like multiple unit selection, movement without clicking the commands, etc :P would be so cool however this rocks =)
  3. you cannot edit everything via ini in RA1... eg you are not able to disable rotating turrets on units like the mobile gap generator...
  4. would it be possible to port this to pocketpc?
  5. 1024x768 would be surely enough... but even 800x600 would be a nice step forward :P
  6. hey sane that sounds like want to play this :P
  7. search for xwis should help...dunno exactly coz i never played d2k in mplayer
  8. did you try 8bit mode?
  9. go to ppmsite.com and read the tutorials ;)
  10. coz this is about highresulution not mis-files... ::)
  11. the game does not support 800x600... but it was planed to make the game support 800x600 i don
  12. if remember correctly the game should have gotten an option to switch between 640x480 and 800x600 and if i
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