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  1. Savageman

    New Games?

    sorry... i meant similar to Dune 2000 and such more of a strategy type deal and of course i didn't mean c&c games =/
  2. well shit... take the numers and multiply them by a billion and you'd have a more realistic question but still is the majority right? or is it your own personal opinion ?
  3. i'm going to sound really hypocritical here but world of warcraft is pretty over-rated i play it almost religously but once you've maxed out your lvl and have half way decent gear there really isn't a whole lot of interesting content new bosses seem to be remakes of old ones and people who've maxed out actually have nothing to look forward to until the next epansion... for a game that's supposed to be open ended and balanced there is alot of over powered end game people that have their T6 gear and have nothin to do but bug other people trying to enjoy themselves Over-rated for sure... but also annoyingly addictive =/
  4. Savageman

    New Games?

    is there any games similar to these that have come out recently... like since vista came out bc the older good games aren't liking my vista... =/ or is there any other games even older that still worth checking out?
  5. how old you gotta be to be an oldtimer?
  6. but does that mean in a group of 5 people... 3 support torture on a moral level... that they could gang up on the other 2 ? i mean you said society was the majority... represented by the evil 3 right?
  7. cool stuff... how long does it take an experienced gamer too complete campaign mode once?
  8. yeah... well i'm thinkin america would be more likely to support torture... not bc we are mean... i just think we are more open to the fact that times are changing... i vote pro torture...
  9. lol ... ok... it's just i don't have ebay acc. so it's either a store a DL for me =/ still sad my dune 2000 isn't playing properly
  10. well honestly the world is over populated as is... it needs cleansed.... how that happens is up to us as people... now the real question is how can we do that and enjoy it at the same time?
  11. anyone know any good house/techno music california seems to get left behind as far as that's concerned =(
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