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  1. Read what I said again - I said perhaps EU wanted to be lied to - the EU is as corrupt as the countries in it.
  2. first of - the US shouldn't really be putting anyone down - before one can point fingers he need to have a clear back. Taking the US lack of fundamental human rights in notion the US should be holding it's tongue. Obama blaming the Chinese (and rightfully so) for keeping the value of the RMB low, and then afterwards ordering the national bank to print more greens - hypocracy! That being said - Greece (the politicians in Greece) has been holding the EU for a fool, lying about their finances (perhaps EU wanted to be lied to?). So they get what are comming to them.
  3. nampigai

    Gulf Oil Spill

    I know the thread is a bit old. nevertheless it pisses me off, that it recieved so much media attention - when obviously (though it WAS and IS a disaster) there's alot of places around the world that are far worse off! Take for instance the Niger Delta - Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it
  4. nampigai


    Before the US can live up to basic human rights I don’t think they are in any right to police the rest of the world. That said I still feel sorry for the innocent lives lost – on both sides of the ongoing conflict. I have friends serving in Afghanistan and I’m scared shitless every time they ship out!
  5. nampigai

    The Wii Thread

    has anyone played Conduit? and is it any good? n/m I'm getting Metroid Prime Trilogy instead
  6. emperor: battle of dune or dune2000
  7. nampigai


    If I were ever to get a tatoo - it would be either something Gigerish or the face from "the wall" coming out of my back, the Pig from Animals or something like that. I was gonna add pics but it wouldn't allow me
  8. Gob...can you change my nick to nampigai? n/m - I seem to have found my way around it
  9. Just wanted to share this with you all!
  10. nampigai


    yea Mahdi, we're at Dune Messiah at the moment ;-)
  11. nampigai


    thanks all - and Edric, don't worry neither me nor the mother smokes, I've had some champagne and whitewine, but that's it :-) and Dante her name will be Johanne Kirstine (pronounced like Yohanne) after my wifes grandmother and great grandmother :-)
  12. nampigai


    well jungs, on march the 31st @ 0226 hrs my wife gave birth to my perfect little princess - at birth she was 54 cm long and wighed 3460 gram. so...I'm a father -cigars on me jungs!
  13. Congratulations Edric! Trust me - it will be one of the biggest days of you life(s)! Enjoy it to the fullest, and a long and happy life to the both of you!
  14. They wont see me standing with open arms.
  15. ok I'm satisfied. as for back to topic - main answer should read: "does it matter?"
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