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  1. ok, same problem as before, only i've tried more ways to fix it, they haven't worked, so far i've tried nearly everything except sacrificing a virgin and selling my soul. the error message a get when i finish the first mission is "getBMP" and it says that Dune can't find the BMP needed to display the map, i found this file in the directory it was meant to be in, but dune seems to think it's not there. also, the problem with the options button is still prevalent, i can't access it after a certain amount of time, all it does is pause the game, and this annoys me. so, any help would be appreciated, and any suggestions on how to find a suitable priest of satan, because i'd rather sell my sould than waste a virgin. so, please any help.
  2. i'm having trouble with my copy of DUNE 2000, everytime i finish a mission, it doesn't matter which house, it comes up with an error message: "getBMP error" and it exits, this is really annoying me. another problem i have is that after a certain amount of time, whenever i click on the the option button, it just pauses the game. anyone else had this problem, and if so, have you been able to figure out a way to fix it? i've tried the patches, i've tried changing the install directory, and now i'm stuffed, so any help would be greatly appreciated
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