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  1. _ Please stop updating this thread. Please use our forum : https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/dunerevival Sourceforge project : https://sourceforge.net/projects/dunerevival/ _
  2. Hey MrFibble, thanks for the offer! I was waiting to see if Forumers would be disciplined, and it seems they are since there hasn't been any polluting post after my last post. So, I find it easier to keep that thread unlocked (for example I just needed to edit it, and it would have bugged me to wait for you to unlock it). We'll see if that becomes necessary in the future. Thanks again.
  3. COME.ON. I keep deleting the original files from the folder, and they keep popping back up. I'll do it immediately. DAMN! fourth time in a week :D EDIT: Done.
  4. @Honza @bigs @md5 @Pierre Please have a look at our repository. http://dunerevival.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dunerevival/ @md5: Maybe you should start using that repository instead of the ScummVM-hosted one (I still don't have access to that one, and adding more users to it will be very unconvenient)
  5. P. Clement commented on the way to read character facial animations from the files : If someone has more information on that...
  6. Perfect timing, I was actually writing a document that refers to all information sources we have, and your pages are a central piece of it, bigs.
  7. I HAVE CREATED A SOURCEFORGE PROJECT (with a SVN repository) URL : https://sourceforge.net/projects/dunerevival/ I will upload as much material as I can ASAP. Request access to me asap.
  8. Could we all agree that whether or not we use ScummVM and/or other underlying libraries, all the code written should anticipate hardware portability? I mean, really, not only as "yeah, yeah, it's very easy to do, we'll do it later" (we know how it ends - same thing for comments, lol) md5, maybe you could think of a way of taking honza's source and add some macros to be able to : - compile it for ScummVM (slower, with possibly some disabled features) or - make it standalone (all features enabled, faster) ? (depending on the macros enabled at compilation) Just a suggestion.
  9. Can you explain what's the fundamental difference between your logo displayer and P. Clément's logo displayer? Is it a matter of language, code structure, etc.? It's just to share the information.
  10. Option 2 is another way of putting what I meant. I like that idea a lot. But then again, I'd still be happy enough if we skipped the "original data files" part.
  11. Alright. I hate you all (just kidding) About the game logic, is it really worth it understanding the very little part that's not hard-coded, or should we instead start from scratch, with a small scripting language that we'd design? ("Paul talks to Character X, then sietch Y appears on the map", "Paul has had vision X, so room Y appears in the palace", etc.) Actually, I definitely want this script language to exist, so I'll be even more specific: I wonder if it's worth it making the script "understand" the very little part of non-hard-coded logic that already exists in the games data files.
  12. Hi all, Here is an old non-intercative demo of the video game Dune, by Cryo. It's interesting because it uses different graphics for Paul's face. Instead of using the face of actor Kyle MacLachlan, it uses totally original graphics by Cryo, that were then abandonned for the final version of the game. Cryo's logo also looks different. Here's the link : http://www.mediafire.com/?675gb18r86ytkds If it gets broken, you can request it again here : http://www.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=42485.msg564932#msg564932 Enjoy!
  13. Hi Honza! Thanks for expressing your opinion. Well, my answer will be very short : The choice of ScummVM was more driven by "strategy" than it was by technical choices. I was hoping we could benefit from the dynamism of a larger community. However, at the moment, you and P. Clément (the guy who wrote the little tech demo based on big's source) think that we should stick to SDL. That's 2 voices versus one. You win! :-D Do as you please. Talk to you soon! and thanks for your big contribution. PS: You make me VERY worried with the adoption of old programming styles and platform-specific assembly. The goal of having a small footprint is very noble, but I'm not sure it's worth it if it causes dead-ends maintainability-wise and portability-wise
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