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  1. yesterday hockey match USA vs. CZECH REPUBLIC was interesting isnt it? :-))))))
  2. extra sardaukars...coooool :) i must reveal it:-)
  3. of crs...that i do sometimes...i build another base next to of enemy base...barracks and factory and some gunturrets...so my units can reach and attack enemy base in shorter time, because they dont have to go so far from my base.
  4. so if i have 3 barracks im producing infantry faster? thats cool but sometimes space on a rock where i have base is limited....sometimes i have problem to build all structures on it:-)))
  5. thx you very much skorpija...ill try to do it....now i hope it will be ok... ;-)
  6. thx a lot skorpi....realy i dont know what the **** is matter with that...
  7. 2skorpija: i have a problem, so i want to ask you if you cant help me...try to open my emperor web ( its still under construction ) www.dunaweb.wz.cz/news.html ;then try to resize window-width to maybe 200-300 pixels...as you can see, the text is hovering above the menu on the left...i cant understand it because text and menu are in two separated table-cells...i realy dont know what to do with that, try to open source code and see it...so if you know how to repair it, reply on the forum "urgency help pleas" on fed2k discussion or send me im...thanks a lot...XboW_WTF ( i write it here too because i want to be sure that you will read it :-))) im fooooool :-D )
  8. so people, i have started work on our czech emperor webite again...we will have new design, but texts and contains will be the same...now i have enought time for it.... :) :) :) if you have any tips and tactics send it to sadian or to me...
  9. 2harkonnen soldier: yes, youre the same case like me, i like metal and heavy metal too...btw two days ago i was at ramms+ein concert in ostrava city...cooooooollll:-))) <I,,I
  10. yes...i didnt meant emperor like rpg...but new graphics, alot of new units, and new abilities like entering civilian structures...etc. but youre right emperor is good how it is...rt strategy
  11. yes...what ebout emperor 2 like commandos. You have a small group of assasins and you have to infiltrate the ememy base and complete some task there. But more i want emperor like that first but in new very very good graphcs...sshit...my teacher is looking on me...i must end:-))) lol
  12. all harkonnen music is my favorite...machine, tribute to evil, house harkonnen and victory is innevitable....harkonnen music is cool music...may be i like metal and hevymetal, black metal..all metal...so i like harkonnen music too ;D ;D ;D
  13. Hi skorpia thanx a lot for your offer for help...ill contact you if some problems will appear ( i hope no problems but nothing is sure:-) im working on our web but i havent net connection at home now (unfortunately :-( ) so im working on graphics and texts with sadian....so good bye everybody :) :) :) :) :) :)
  14. yes..but that defence must be very strong becouse i had devastators and gunturrets on the entering areas and when the ordos, atreides, tleilaxu and others launched joint attack on me i hadnt chance to defend my base... and i think that Rocket infantry enoughts against NIAB tanks...
  15. yes i thought about it, but i dont cant decide if it wont be useless...but yes youre right...well have forum... and we already have gbook, chat and others cool thinks...but forum will be coolest 8)and btw: have you seen that web? whats your opinion? 2everybody: we wants your opinions and tips...? thx :)
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