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  1. How does one take a screenshot while playing Dune?
  2. Speaking of annoying tactics, read about this... It was a 2 on 2 game, one of the opposing players got disconnected, so it was me and my ally against one guy. WE LOST!. What the player did was build about 15 or more projectionist tanks and just kept projecting Ordos APC and Fedaykin. And they just kept coming in massive waves. Not allowing anytime to set up perimeter defenses to see through the projections. It was terrible!
  3. Well, if you don't want to experiment around with new strategies, here is my suggestion. Atreides Sand Bikes build quickly and are fairly cheap and very fast. Build about 5-10 of those first, then go into waypoint mode and put them on a patrol circle around the spice melange. They should be on guard and distract the enemy long enough for reinforments to arrive.
  4. I'm impressed that's a great idea!
  5. What I ment was that it makes sense that a Fedaykin wouldn't be able to kill a Fremen Warrior because they have "ear-plugs" protecting them from the ultra sonic waves from the Fedaykin...that's all, it's just one of those things where a unit has a weakness is all, and Fedaykin are pretty damn good units.
  6. RA2 was fun, I like to take Yuri and have him control the minds of people and animals and trucks on the map and then I'd place them in a "Zoo" which was a bunch of walls around them. Which leads me into my "Economy Death" tactic. Everyone likes taking an Advanced Carryall and grabbing harvesters, bringing the poor helpless thing to their base and blowing it up, where it is soon replaced by a new one. Instead of destroying it, build a large "Harvester Pen," take an Advanced Carryall and pick up the defenseless plump spice picker, drop it into your pen and let it just sit there. Can't get a
  7. I don't think it's stupid, it makes sense. I found this out in a funny way, my Fremen tent was destroyed so I took the wounded Fremen Warriors that came from the destruction of the tent and posted them on infantry rock by a sonic tank of mine at a defensive post. Out of nowhere (of coarse) eight Fedaykin popped up and attacked my tank. My Fremen warriors on guard attacked the Fedaykin, after I lost my sonic tank, I thought that the Fedaykin would just rip through my half-life warriors, but they inflicted no damage, but they kept trying, exposing themselves allowing my warriors to kill them
  8. Alright...on the statement that Superweapons should be stronger; I think that any tactician would have to agree that a battle should be won with brains more than force. This is for several reasons, it makes the games more fun, more challenging, and make you THINK! What fun is it if you don't think, if a superweapon just destroyed everything, the game would only be a race to who could build one first, almost like it is now, who can build more units first, somehow. A strategy game should involve STRATEGY!
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