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  1. What do you mean having same co create problem? Looking at the ranking table it appears that people are still playing on-line. If this is the case why do we need a separate server? Someone must know how to solve the problem I have noted they Westwood donot give support but it looks like they must be still be operating the server I have now got emperor - cannot get on-line with this.
  2. I can not get on-line, like so many others that have accepted an update from westwood on line, I now get the "black rectangle" on the screen and then the game closes down. Are people still able to get on-line? and if so how come they are not affected?
  3. Looks good , what have you done this in?
  4. Hi, I have the same problem, can play offline no problem, but once I try to go on-line I get the black rectangle top left corner, 'Setupchat' button on the bottom Microsoft 'Start' line. I had been on-line for some time, went to connect the next day and was advised I needed to accept an upgrade which I did. Since then I have had this problem. Totally fed up with it, have been stopped playing for 6 or more months - thought I would try again, but still no joy. As any bright person come up with the answer yet?
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