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  1. i think any new dune game needs to be completly redesigned. it needs the technological advancement of Starcraft, the number and uniqueness of teams like in Age of Empires, and the great terrain and environmental interaction like on Total Annhilation. It needs to steer away from the C&C "fast battle, no tech" ideology. C&C, and its descendants, were too simple and were built around the rush and blitz. This new game needs to be complex, with hundreds of options so everyone can have their own strategy, instead of "fastest-mouse-wins." it should be realistic and you should be able to have lots of control over units an their actions. The resources in D2K were too few. at the very least, the new game should also include water as a resource (since without water, you can't maintain an army). as i said above there should be a mix of all the best elements of good games. there need to be lots of technologies to reasearch and each house should have radically different units and strategies to develop. If they can make a game that is realistic and teams that aren't clones (like D2K).
  2. I think the new dune needs to be more technologically advanced. dune 2000 seemed like a repetition of C&C:RA, just without as many sold copies. they also need more resources. i know spice was all-important, but what about water?
  3. all right! i have a bone to pick with westwood, and ill restrain from using profanity doing it. i will be honest, i borrow a friends copy of games i dont have to see whether i wnat to buy it or not. but i tried out Tiberian Sun a while after it was realeased and i installed it. the game started up fine, but when i got to the game screen (where you actually play) it locked up. every time. then i restart my computer and shut it down properly. a few weeks later, every game that i own stops working (note: these were all already installed). its been around a year, and i havent been able to fix the problem by deleting, reinstalling, or fiddling with the control panel. i found out a few weeks ago that the problem was an .ini file was disabling my video card and all display drivers for that matter. Hmm... coincedence? Another thing, I've had dune 2000 since around the time it came out, and ive only been able to play it around 4 times. i absolutely could not get the program to run. it would lock up before i even got to the title screen. Lastly (although this isnt a microsoft page), me and a few other people are having problems with microsoft games all the sudden locking up or exiting back to windows (!%^@#^). if anyone knows why my games are doing this, id like to know. This is about the fourth time ive addressed the problem. ive emailed westwood tech support twice (never got a reply) and ive also posted asking what is the matter with my $%^@# game. all i seemed to get were changed subjects or no new replies were added to the string. this ticks me off. HAVE A NICE #$%^ DAY!
  4. i just thought id say hi since i havent posted in several months. Things do change! well... HI!!!!!
  5. the first was the only one that was any good what so ever. in fact, i went back to reading tolkein because the rest of the dune novels sucked laderhausen
  6. hellsmaw


    a dark area on Arrakis' second moon
  7. they didn't leave out Thufur "the Man" Hawat or Gurney Halleck did they? Now THAT would really suck
  8. i kinda liked magic before they started adding all those stoopid sets and cards. yes, it seems that WotC is trying to get a monopoly like Microsoft DOWN WITH THE ROCKEFELLERS!!!
  9. on the contrary, ive seen a DVD at Barnes and Nobles for around 14 bucks... recently
  10. i have a tought time deciding which is better, Dune or Foundation. The first book, Dune, in the Dune series is, in my opinion, the best. the sequential books fail to reach the mark of the first book. i think Dune's weak point is detail, the characters are well described, but the storyline just isnt broad enough. i think the movie seriously defiles the book (it is still a pretty good movie though). I like foundation (ive read all 7 of asimov's, but none of the new ones) because the entire series is well detailed and full of excitement. For those with serious questions about earth (or like me, read the foundation series twice) there are the Robot and Empire series as well. I like certain elements of both books, so i cant honestly say which one i like more. Asimov is a better writer though.
  11. Paul needs to use some super Kwisatz Haderach powers to save the universe! Or at least wipe that off his slate.
  12. hellsmaw

    Las Gun

    hmmm.... atoms:nucleus correct me if im wrong, but are NUCLEAR and SUB-ATOMIC not the same physical thing nuclear: of the nucleus of an atom sub-atomic: smaller than or a part of an atom
  13. The problem with Dune is that there are ardly any houses mentioned in the books to make new houses for the game. Logically, they made house ordos to satisfy the need for another house. The only houses that were mentioned were the Atreidies, Harkonnen, Corrino, and Tlielaxu (is this a house?). Yes, Edric is right, the ordos were the only other choice rather than use on of the hardly mentioned houses.
  14. two things please note that (V)echa is "mecha," not "vecha" I think that something like Battlezone II would be great. With the first person and strategy combined. to be honest, i think that is the way to go because it gives the players the most flexibility possible (why dont they sell this in stores?!?!?!?!)
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