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  1. I like the Ordos with the Ixians and the fremen. The sneaky but powerful hit and run tactics of the Ordos mixed with the deception and stealth of the Ix and the powerful and stealthy Fremen is a guaranteed win if you play with some good strategy.
  2. Actually you can ally with up to three if you play your cards right.
  3. Man, I talk to much, any way Ordos rule Harks and Atriedes kneel down before us!
  4. OK here is my strategy. First of all be the ordos and ally yourself with the fremen and the Ixians. The key to success is defense. Put up a row of pop up turrets in front of your base to prevent a frontal assault. Also have at least 5 DEPLOYED Kobras around your base. Keep dust scouts hidden in sand in the path to your base. Also use the projector to project the heaviest tank you can find (Devastator) as much as you can afford. Use fremen warriors on cliffs for base defense as well. The fedaykin should ride the worm right into their melange fields and eat their harvester.OK thats the DEFENSIVE PART. When attacking you must always be sneaky. Make a large force of laser tanks (about 5 or 6) and mix in some other units as well like Kobras and apc's. The most important unit is the eye in the sky. Send in your force and while your opponent is occupied deploy a few saboteurs over his cyard factory and barracks-game over.
  5. No it isn't, the Ordos repair automatically and the Atreides have the repair vehicle. Those dirty Harks cant repair at all! LONG LIVE THE ORDOS :D :D ...Scorched Earth
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