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  1. ok. it seems that in the dune 7 we got, a paul was able to reconstruct his heart. could the original Paul have done the same with his eyes?
  2. Ok. so, in B and K Dune, how far away is all the tleilaxu, race from extinction? i
  3. Hi everyone. so what's supposedly the facedancers' capabilities extent? could they use Voice (when replacing a bene gesserit)? if not then you could detect them. If anyone knows the original Don Juan story (a play), don Juan is dragged into hell, by an angel for all he has done. kind of like omnius?
  4. I'd like to know what the forum's members would have put in an alternate version of Dune 7: I would include Duncan retrieving data lost from the main computer when they fled Chapterhouse, from his own brain, thru a mind probe machine found on the ship. Maybe I'd also include Duncan and Leto Sharing. If not possible, then I would have liked Kevin & Brian to point out that before entering a nulentropy room, you switch it off, and maybe include a plot with such a room (because, presumedly, you could survive indefinitely inside it); the greatest possible correction to Hunters must be scopewise, there might have been failed flights during the Scattering, but they populated many universes according to Frank Herbert's last novels, anyway. So it's not about humankind's total destruction, just the chasing of the Honored Matres and possibly the destruction of humankind's original galaxy, or universe.
  5. something else, I think, is non appearing in Herbert's son work. In Heretics is stated, somewhat subtly, that Arrakis' destruction was what the Sisterhood intended. The new novels seems to ignore this.
  6. clooster


    Hi. I mean no disrespect with what I write here. I have read all of Dune stuff. Father and son. I did like some of the stuff on the new novels, but there's no comparison. So many lost opportunities. About Frank Herbert's original contribution, I liked everything. All but one thing. On Dune 1 he spins off into describing stillsuits, and I didn't like it. That all waste gets processed inside the suit. No. I can't imagine Paul taking off his suit to fight Feyd, all accompanied by waste stench. It would have been much better to say that 'the gross waste' is vanished into foldspace by a Holzmann contraption installed in an appropriate place. Well, about lost opportunities. Frank's last novels grew more full of mistery every time. His son's is almost devoid of mistery. Frank was cyborgging some among the Bene Gesserit. No mention seems that can be found in his son's work. Nothing about the mysterious weapons, mostly a tube, that could be hand held. It seems like Frank wanted to go somewhere else with Sheeana. There's something wrong with Face Dancers, like they should be more powerful. Same with their Masters. And the angle they took, that Teg aged when he used his powers? And his death. It's like nobody could see him until the last moment. but even at hyperspeed, when repairing, say one item, I don't think he spent less than 5 seconds each. Then if noone saw him, a lot of the times he must have been spinning or something! Now, if Kevin and son wanted to exploit the violence angle, they could have made the new Sisterhood attack the thinking machine fleet this way: have a large amount of mostly hollow husks of huge ships made. Have them have a Holzman engine and allow them to fold space with a close destination: inside the fleet's ships! Which would explode.
  7. Hi there. I was wondering about something, knowing full well noone has the right answer, or not so? it revolves around this: every reverend mother has a crowd inside her, which communicates out of their own volition with the 'owner'. This unless it's someone like Odrade, described in Heretics: she can access other memory at will (save for the male side); Murbella ended up having Odrade in her Other memory, if Murbella asked and Odrade was willing, could she kinda consult Other memory like Odrade did, like Odrade? how about other cases? in fact, could a reverend mother consult safely the male side thru someone on her Other memory, given that possibly that person in other memory wouldn't be affected?
  8. I think that's 2 cores, ixian and tleilaxu
  9. here's the quote from ged, it kinda supports my argument. kinda. it's a third of the way thru the book: Quite early in his ascendancy he had revealed to the lxians the exact location of the supposedly secret Ixian Core, the heartland of the technological federation which they governed. It had been a secret the lxians thought safe because they paid gigantic bribes for it to the Spacing Guild. it happens some 50 years after the invasion and it refers to Leto, so my argument is invalid if possibly ix was colonizing planets 30 years before that, while reconstructing itself
  10. any opinion on this: on k. herbert's first prequel we're told that the tleilax take over ix and the Vernius family is mostly without a hope to recover it, yet, as I recall in God Emperor there's a remark that Ix had a faraway core (of planets)very possibly at that time.I mean, it had to be a developed realm . did the tleilax took it over too, or Vernius family coud just easily slip away there and stay, or even deliver the reconquest blow from there? or what got in the way of this?
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