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  1. A potential downside of a scifi channel GEoD...Leto II vs. Supercroc. A bit of a problem when I see scifi channel films popping up regularly on "The Soup."
  2. Thanks Andrew - that is a HUGE help. I have been searching that list an area code at a time with keyboard commands, and am only at 230-something. Thanks for the lead. em
  3. Do you remember the screeching and pinging of a 1200 baud modem? If so, you might be able to help me. I am working on an academic project at the moment, and as a small part of it, I am interested in locating information about BBSs, AOL groups, and Compuserve groups that would have been dedicated to Dune before the mid-nineties (i.e. before widespread use of the World Wide Web). My interest for these specifically is for getting a sense how readers may have discussed issues pertaining not only to the original series, but also issues emerging out of McNelly's encyclopedia. Specifically, does a
  4. Sorry to chime in on an old thread.... What always bugged me about the timeline at the beginning of the DE was the absence of anything about Islam or Arabic empires, particularly given the importance of these to the Dune series. If I were to add to the DE timeline (which really can't be integrated with the "canon" timeline), it would be a few hints here and there about these.
  5. Coming back after a LOOOONG break, FWIW, I can tell you why I chose the name for this board. In the DE, he is more that just the historian that Farad'n is. He is a poet, playwright, and literary icon who sought to explore the meaning of Mu'ad Dib to the Fremen. I felt attracted to him as a character (and, besides, only a DE reader would appreciate the reference). DE discusses what, by the time of the Scattering, was a dispute over whether or not Farad's was, indeed, also al-Harba, and I decided, IMHO, he was not. To me, the DE entry was a riff on an academic theory that was hot in the eig
  6. I actually avoided this site for awhile after August, lest the temptation be too great to read spoilers from _The Battle of Corrin_. Yet it appears that there is little discussion. I agree with those that could not bring themselves to buy the book -- as with all of the Anderson/Herbert books, I checked it out from the library. (on a side note, I keep meaning to get back to the original Dune again, but was sidetracked this summer by moving and reading Lord of the Rings for the first time.) I was never so happy to save $30.00 or so. For all of the negatives of this book, allow me to point
  7. This is something I have been thinking about.
  8. Maybe a number of you knew this (maybe not), but by chance today I learned that the name "Iblis" is also the name of an angel which, according to the Quran, was the only angel who refused to bow before man as commanded by God at man's creation (if that makes sense). The source is Surah 2:30-34. I am thinking about how this might cast Iblis in somewhat a different light (I am still unsure, as I have said in other posts, exactly _why_ he changes so drastically from BJ to MC), but I was wondering if anyone knew where Ginjo comes from? Any other name origins? The titans seemed pretty straight f
  9. I am flattered that you really engaged my posting. Thank you. If I may respond to a few things.
  10. The odd thing is that while I remember the first four rather vividly, I really cannot remember much about Heretics or Chapterhouse, aside from the revelation about the axtlotl (sp?) tanks and the end of Chapterhouse. I remember that there was a Tleilaxu named Scytale, but not much beyond that. I am restarting the series again this month (actually buying the books this time -- the only thing I own is DE), and look forward to rediscovering it. Harq al-Harba
  11. On the same issue, regarding the Tleilaxu, was I the only one who thought that this was not a human race? At least the first time I read the Dune series. Reading the prequels, it is much more apparent that they are "human," (though they would not be considered as such by the Bene Gesserit, among others). But not my first impression... Harq al-Harba
  12. :) Really quite wonderful. He says it is a work in progress -- I would like to see how it progresses... Harq al Harba
  13. I checked out the Dune DVD from my library last week, and watched it for the first time in about 15 years. Watching it got me thinking about books, artistic vision and cultural context -- but especially David Lynch. The first time I saw Dune was on video with a friend. I had never read the books (but as I mention in another post, another friend of mine had recommended them.) My friend thought it was somewhat interesting, but confusing. I thought it was thought-provoking, and immediately sought out the book. As I read the book (and continued with the sequels), I appreciated it for the comp
  14. Not exactly and in joke... Seeing some of the references in this thread reminded me of the first time I heard of Dune in high school. A friend of mine told me about it (Lynch's movie was about to come out) and mentioned that Iron Maiden wrote a song about Dune. I have never heard the song (I was never a huge Iron Maiden fan), but a quick internet search turned up this: <I>Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind To Tame A Land He is the king of all the land In the Kingdom of the sands Of a time tomorrow. He rules the sandworms and the Fremen In a land amongst the stars Of an age tomorrow.
  15. I just finished Dune: The Machine Crusade on audio book -- 22 CD's.
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