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  1. thats why i use ix n fremen as allies..
  2. i dont know. i played attration games where i never lost a sniper. i have a pretty large force of them. the reload thing only makes it more cool. u have to time ur shots. while my snipers cant destroy buildings .they can stop those pesky scouts n enemy troops from venturin too far.
  3. lets just say..leech in base. Wait till u got tons of stuff. punch a hole. expand from, there.
  4. homeworld...hmm.... love the 3d space...very good if u plan ur hits properly. under them n up fast. or you could go 3fast across, then splitin, half splitin up half goin down. regroupin.. .
  5. books r good sources of info . any decently educated person reads books for enjoyment
  6. wads wrong with killing a million to save one?
  7. .erm wats the point in creatin the game if not cos of us dune hardcores?? westwood was banking on the fact that thousands of us hardcore dune fans would buy the game. So, the rest of the player base was/would have been sidelined. and personally. the new books r crappy..
  8. yes! i believe its right to kill a 100 to save 2000. Duh. if u calculate it. u only lose a 100 pple. so out of 2100 pple. 2000 survive. or would u rather all 2100 died? i suppose your answer is no now?
  9. ah.. read more carefully pple. all this was in the great vision. no one in the universe could change its path. All actions r planned by it. they just followed the path
  10. edric o. cos when i play with people i really know. we dont really like to play fast games. i mean fast games r good for lan or tour. but when i wanna have real fun. we play hour long games. where u can spend the entire afternoon just playing that single game..u know the half map mine.. hlaf urs that kinda game? where u built till u cant build no more? i prefer westwood games when i play this way. the unit max for starcraft n warcraft really limits the scale of these type of games only prob was i was concentrating so much on juggars and titan defs. i forgot totally about my firestorm then. so
  11. dont be stupid, atreides dont win just cos they mass mints. they need other stuff, eg mongose( meelee and aa defenses) repair tanks, sniper infantry, at least a balanced potent artreides force will be something like this 2 scout bikes 6 mongose 4mints 5 snipers 1 apc 2 repair tanks support 2 sonic tanks, 6 orins this si around it. for maximum sustainable long term deloyment far out from your base. ( when u play those really huge maps with just 2 players and need to defend those spice fields or take a choke point) i have found this to be the ideal mix of weaponary, due to the massive long ho
  12. i beg ur to cluster ur assault tanks together, for a)my orin fleets to take them out b) hawk stirke to send them runnin off the map in record time....
  13. read!! i said a massive orca bomber rush!!!not 1 or 2! nothin stops that freakin rush!! no matter how good a player u are!! i fell to it too!! 25 fuckin orca bombers...what stops that? sure a firestorm def, but den... it takes too much power to run for long. oh n if i manage to take out ur base, all u have left is your little tansk n art. so my orcas still carpet bomb u... oh n there is a reason why i freakin hug the map corners on my way to the enemy base.
  14. the artreides symbol is not a eagle u dumbass. its a HAWK. ever wondered why they called it a hawk strike n not a eagle dive?
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