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  1. I don't know who has read the Melange articles, but that has sounded like the coolest game ever. I liked everything about it.
  2. kpack

    Next question

    Let's see, I'll take a wild guess, is it "The Outer Limits"?
  3. First you click on the "Modify Profile" link at the top of this page and then in the signature text box type in your quote. Then whenever you post a message at the bottom of your message is a check box that says "Use your signature in this message?" Just check that and your quote as your signature will appear at the bottom of your message.
  4. kpack

    Next question

    ummm..... I think I'd like to use a life-line. I would like to poll the audience please.
  5. Yes, there is a Dune 2k edit program where you can edit units on your own but you can't make new ones or make your own graphics, as far as I know.
  6. kpack

    3rd question

    ding, ding, ding, but that was only the $100 question, I still have 19 more to go.
  7. kpack

    3rd question

    I will take a educated guess, is one the Tliexu??
  8. I hope spelling doesn't count :) ---Feyd-Rauthuna Harkonnen???
  9. kpack

    relese date??

    I have been watching you guys' progress for some time and I have been wondering if there is a proposed release date yet. Any idea because I am really looking forward to the game!
  10. I liked the first a lot, but I liked the fourth the best so far. I haven't read the last one yet. I have heard that is pretty good. The extreme knowledge of Leto II amazes me.
  11. kpack

    Dune 3000

    I was thinking the same thing myself
  12. kpack

    possible bug

    Oh, ok, thanks for the help, I got it working
  13. kpack

    possible bug

    What HELP are you talking about???
  14. kpack

    possible bug

    I don't know weather I am just stupid or not, but I think I may have found a bug. Most of the time when I try to play, the sounds do not work. I have tried the fixme batch file but it still doesn't work. If you can help me, let me know.
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