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  1. I too have occasionally used sonic tank as my base defense... but compared to TheMurl method, i don't leave my sonic tanks alone in the front without some minotauri beside it. This is b'cos certain long-ranged units like the Cobra and the Inkvine catapult can take out sonics whose guard range loses to these units, and its amaour aren't that great. Some player might not notice this until the ever famous... "Unit lost". So the minotauri helps to compansate for the lack of guard range of the sonics... plus the soften up the enemy for the final kill by the sonics ;D
  2. Uh... if i were to use projectors... well suffice to say that my entire base would be full of them. So while you Cobra's are shoting down a few of my projections... another 10-15 will be on your case. Ever seen what 10-15 minotaurus can do :)
  3. Yup i guess you must be quite late in realizing this :). IMHO everyone who ever laid their hands on Emperor would have at least tried the sub-houses units first of all.
  4. Build your base up and after you get the Atreides hanger you'll get the Air Drones.
  5. My personally best are with either Fremen-Ix or Fremem-Guild. Fremen always gives me good infantry support and either the Ix of Guild Comes in handy with their Projector-Infiltrators(Ix) or NIAB Tank(Guild) combo.
  6. Excuse me for butting in here, but just what ARE the "pre-ordered" units? I know the air drone is one. What are the others? Pre-ordered units are special unit that those who pre-order E:BFD! The units include Air Drone-Atreides, Air-Defense Platform-Harkonnen and the ordos Air Mine. If you didn't pre-order Emperor, don't worry Westwood will take out a patch later on that will allow you to play this units in the game. But if ya are impatient ;) just like me there's already a crack out there for releasing the units. Try searching the downloads of FED2K to get it :)
  7. Which mission is the one you need help on?
  8. Especially if you lead the worm to the enemy's spice field... and oh let's say cost him a harvester or two :)
  9. Well there's just one problem with that strat... ever heard of the Ordos Chemical troopers...? These guys can take out infantry faster than you can say "Damm It"!!!
  10. Yup its also true in the game. Mostly las tanks are the ones that attracts attention of the worms. So don't be leaving your shielded units out on the sand... b'cos you will lose them to the worm.
  11. Ever since I heard about the Naib tank, I've been itching to give those critters a try. And it was worth it. The Naib tank in groups of five and more can seriously wreck havoc on an undefended base or small issolated groups. If faced with much stronger oppossion, just couple the Naib tanks with other units like Atreides Mongoose or any other units of your liking. These tank may cost a bundle but the sure pack a punch.
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