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    Here is my method of recording. Get a hypercam and enter these codes and you may record Du∩Σ 2°°° l► Code ◄l l► 676,420◄l With that code above you will get it recording at full screen INSCRIPTIONS:::Note that I really don't know if it's agiants the rules to post a download of un-dune related things
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    I can think of some people who would beg to differ Spectral Paladin. If you can get the game cheap and you like Dune and got nothing else to do, then get it. You might like it. If you've never played the demo, I would suggest you play the demo before buying. Umm, while looking for the demo, I found this http://files.filefront.com/Dune_demozip/;3816791;/fileinfo.html website. What's with the screenshots? They definitely do not look like FHD, yet too crappy for E:BfD
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